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Rajesh Kumar Singh
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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Sustainable development is the driving force behind Earth Infrastructure Limited's project
Concept of sustainable development is the key to cost effective and eco-friendly constructions.

New Delhi, Delhi -- Nov 01, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Scarcity of resources and skyrocketing prices has increased the cost of production which led the real estate sector to explore alternative that are environment friendly and pocket friendly, at the same time.

Sapphire Court (Greater Noida), an eco-friendly project launched by Earth Infrastructures Limited is a trendsetter in segment of commercial property in Delhi NCR. Unlike a conventional building, Sapphire Court is based on the model of sustainable development to optimally utilize the resources, to generate less waste and to conserve the natural resources.

To maintain the high standards of green construction, following features have been incorporated in Sapphire Court project.

  • Superior quality of solar reflectance index (SRI) material is used on exposed roof to reduce heat absorption

  • Provision of insulation in exposed roof

  • CLC bricks to be used instead of traditional red bricks. CLC bricks absorb less water than other bricks and also it is more durable

  • Transportation of construction material raises cost of production, thus local available resources would be optimally utilized. It would also promote the local industry.

  • Use of building construction materials which have recycled content

  • Use of low VOC paints adhesives and sealants thus eliminating usage of health hazard chemicals

  • Use of green seal certified housekeeping chemicals for cleaning (after occupancy)

  • Lower interior as well as exterior lighting power density for optimum visibility

  • High efficiency chillers (COP more than 6.1)

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on secondary chiller water pumps

  • VFD on Air handling units

  • VFD on cooling tower fans

 Earth Infrastructures Limited has emphasized upon proper waste management. The company has planned the reuse of construction waste.

Deforestation has been a major cause of soil erosion and the company hasn't neglected the consequences of soil erosion. So sedimentation control measures will be taken by Earth Infrastructures Limited in Sapphire Court project. Also, plantation of native plants and vegetation will add to the beauty of the project.

The company has comprehensively planned water conservation and reuse of waste water in Sapphire Court project through following measures

  • Roof and non-roof rain water harvesting

  • Use of treated water for flushing, landscape and cooling tower

  • Use of low flow water efficient fixtures for rational usage of water

  • Open grid grass pavers in parking area (surface parking) to encourage water percolation

  • Use of drip irrigation for landscape watering thus ensuring rational usage of water

  • Installation of Sewage Treatment Plant at site

Electric charging points for electric vehicles are yet another value added feature of Sapphire Court.

Contact: Rajesh Kumar Singh, rajessh.singhania@gmail.com, 9266637352

Category: Real Estate, Construction & Building
Word Count:442
Weblinks: http://www.earthinfra.com


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