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SmartCharge LED Bulb

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Shailendra Suman
165 South Trade Street
Matthews, North Carolina 28105
(704) 814-0930

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Carmel, IN, United States

Crowdfunding Effort to Launch through Kickstarter to Fund Initial Production of Innovative, Energy-Saving Emergency Light Bulb

NEW YORK -- Nov 12, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) --  Technology innovator iFi Systems today announced a new LED Light Bulb Kickstarter crowdfunding project with a goal of $50,000 to fund production of the SmartCharge LED Bulb, a first-of-its-kind innovation that keeps the light on when power goes out. The Kickstarter project is set to launch later this week and will run through the 2014 International CES on January 12th. The SmartCharge Bulb, which looks like a normal light bulb from the outside, has technology built-in to enable wall switch control of the lights even when the power is off. Built with proprietary Grid & Switch Sensor technology and a rechargeable battery, the SmartCharge Bulb keeps you in the light for over 4 hours when the rest of the neighborhood is left in the dark. 

The heart of the SmartCharge(TM) Bulb is iFi Systems' patent-pending Grid & Switch Sensor technology, which is capable of distinguishing between a loss of power due to opening of the line switch and a loss of power from a power grid failure (when the switch is either on or off.) 

 "What sets the SmartCharge Bulb apart from other LED or safety bulbs starts with our motivation for developing it. The SmartCharge Bulb truly brings 'peace of mind' to the consumer who can now have working light bulbs during a power outage. We put a battery, control technology, intelligence, a central processing unit, memory, inverter, and a printed circuit board all inside the light bulb assembly to make it smart and efficient. The ability to control your lights from the wall switch even with the power is out is a game changer in the lighting industry," said iFi Systems founder & CEO Shailendra Suman.

How to Help on Kickstarter 

To make the SmartCharge LED Bulb a reality, iFi Systems is turning to crowdfunding to bring the innovation to market.  Individuals and companies can support the SmartCharge Kickstarter project by pledging different dollar amounts at www.Kickstarter.com.  The project has been set to run from the week of November 11, 2013, through the conclusion of International CES on January 12, 2014. The project has to reach its $50,000 goal to be funded and to push this innovative new product into production.  Additional information about the SmartCharge LED Bulb crowdfunding effort is available on the SmartCharge campaign webpage accessible from www.Kickstarter.com.

"As harsh seasonal storms happen more frequently, so do power outages. When the power goes out, the first thing affected is your lighting.  The garage door won't open, the TV is out and kitchen appliances won't work, but with SmartCharge Bulbs you'll never have to worry about being in the dark again. Unlike other safety light bulbs that automatically switch on when the power goes out (regardless of whether or not you are in the room) the SmartCharge Bulb recognizes the light switch's position to conserve its power and only draws from the battery when needed.  That's different than some other "safety" bulbs that use battery backups.  Once power is restored, the SmartCharge Bulb's built-in battery recharges itself when the switch is on to make sure you're ready for another power outage or emergency," Suman explained.

SmartCharge LED Bulbs are rated up to 40,000 hours or 25 years of life (assuming the typical consumer uses a bulb four hours a day.) Installation is as simple as replacing your existing light bulb with a SmartCharge LED Bulb. There's no extra wiring, no ugly control box, remote control or expensive electrical installation required

# # #

About iFi Systems:  iFi Systems LLC is a leader in intelligent connected devices. The company recently launched iFi Smart Tag, a Bluetooth enabled tracking device that will help consumers track their personal valuables.  iFi Smart Tag works with an app that can be downloaded free on compatible iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.  iFi Systems products are designed primarily to provide peace of mind and convenience to smart phone users.   iFi Systems is EDI compliant and offers to ship products seamlessly to consumers by offering custom packaging, private label, drop ship, and direct delivery from its warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information visit ifisystems.com.


Blake Lofgren, Arland Communications                   Email: Blake@ArlandCom.com                  Phone:  (317) 442-5556

Contact: Blake Lofgren, Blake@arlandcom.com, 317-442-5556

Category: Consumer Electronics
Word Count:728

SmartCharge LED Bulb

SmartCharge LED Bulb is the world's first LED light bulb that you can turn ON/OFF from the same wall switch - even during a power outage. SmartCharge started as a Kickstarter project but has turned into an international technology breakthrough. With almost 1,000 backers and $91,804 funded through Kickstarter, the SmartCharge bulb will be available starting in August 2014. SmartCharge LED Bulbs are available for pre-order at www.SmartChargeLight.com


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