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Karen Barski
480 Barnum Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
1(203) 660-4440

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Bridgeport, CT, United States

Seminar at Milford, CT Babies"R"Us - How to calm a crying/fussy baby and help baby sleep - Woombie Mom Inventor Presents
Jan 8, 2013 at 7PM in Milford, CT

Bridgeport, CT -- Jan 05, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Karen Barski, nurse and mom inventor of the Woombie and Mod'Swad baby swaddles, will be hosting a seminar at Babies"R"Us located at 1522 Boston Post Roadin Milford, Connecticut at 7:00PM on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. As a Certified Infant Care Specialist and Instructor, Infant Sleep and Parenting Consultant, and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, Karen will be discussing Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S's which work amazingly well to calm your crying baby and in many cases help your baby go to sleep with no fuss. Karen will also teach and demonstrate easy and effective swaddling methods. The seminar is offered at no cost.

Babies"R"Us has launched a seminar series for expectant parents and as a retailer of the popular baby swaddle, Woombie, they invited mom/nurse inventor, Karen Barski, to share her wealth of expertise on helping babies sleep. As a mom of five and sleep and swaddling expert, Karen invites all expectant parents, new parents and even caretakers to join her on January 8th at Babies"R"Us in Milford, CT. The seminar will include a discussion of Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S's from The Happiest Baby on the Block - a well known program that teaches how to effectively recreate the environment of the womb, outside of Mom's body.

Using cross-cultural techniques combined with his own research, Dr. Karp has developed the "five S's system." Some babies will need all five, others just a few to help induce what he calls the "calming reflex" which work amazingly well to calm your crying baby and in many cases help your baby go to sleep with no fuss. The 5 S's include: 1) Swaddling, 2) Side/Stomach Position, 3) Shushing Sounds, 4) Swinging, and 5) Sucking. For a description of each read this blog written by Karen called  Sleep and Your New Baby or visit Dr. Harvey Karp's website.   

About KB Designs  

Since 2007, KB Designs has invented a line of signature baby swaddle products that have helped parents easily transition their new babies from womb to home. There are multiple designs and sizes so that babies can enjoy the comfort and security of the Woombie up until the time they begin to roll. Each product has been created and designed by Karen because of a need she identified in her life with her five children. With convenience, safety, and fashion in mind, KB Designs has made half a million parents and babies very happy.  
To learn more or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Tasha Mayberry
Director Public Relations
Trumbull, CT

Contact: Tasha Mayberry, pr@woombie.com, 207-317-6099

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Weblinks: http://www.woombie.com


Safe, Effective Baby Swaddle

Woombie Baby SwaddleOver a million happy babies & parents to date... and counting! The Woombie was designed by an RN and Certified Infant Care Specialist, providing the safest and most comfortable swaddle for your baby. Gently hugging the shoulders and tummy, the Woombie allows for natural movement of the arms, legs and hips- softly cocooning baby without restricting mobility or development. Its soft eco-fabric mimics the feeling of touch, warmth and cuddle, re-creating the womb environment baby felt prior to birth, which is important for calming baby and preventing flailing arms. The Woombie has been shown to promote a more natural and peaceful sleep environment for infants resulting in longer periods of sleep with less restlessness. The Woombie prevents issues such as startling, face scratching, overheating and dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face. Infant Care Experts recommend the Woombie products to institute successful sleep patterns from birth to 6 months. See what others are saying about the Woombie baby swaddle here.

Karen-BarskiKaren Barski, Founder and CEO of KB Designs, LLC (Woombie & Mod'Swad) Karen is a graduate of St. Vincent's College of nursing and earned her BSN from Sacred Heart University in 1994. With a 20 year nursing background and 5 kids of her own, Karen identifies the needs of parents and babies, which always brings her to the drawing board to design new innovative products, many of which are eco'friendly. Inventor of the Woombie baby swaddle and fashion forward Mod'Swad brand, Karen's drive, ambition, and creativity has shaped her business to what it is today. Click here for an extended bio.

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