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New York City, NY, United States

Rogue Rockstar Employee Gives Free Access to GTA 5 for PC

New York City, NY -- May 19, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- New York, NY - A former Rockstar employee made headlines today when his renegade website gave free access to the company's newest game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) for PC before it's officially released. Rumors have been flying about the release of Rockstar's GTA 5 PC edition. The disgruntled former employee could now be facing severe fines and penalties for his decision.

"Treating employees like trash is true style for Rockstar games," said the former employee. "Money isn't everything."

The semi-formal Rockstar employee asked that his name not be used due to potential security issues. Security is understandable stringent at the Rockstar facility due to the highly competitive nature of the business. As part of his terms of employment, the rogue developer signed multiple non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, all of which contain stiff penalties for such a breach.

The employee is offering gaming enthusiasts a free download of GTA 5 for multiple platforms via his website. Fully functioning versions can be downloaded for Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and PS4. The fully operational versions function in online and offline mode.

"No one wants to pay $60 for a game," said the employee. "These are versions for developers and testers. They require no security checks, but GTA 5 has to be downloaded from a special GTA 5 download manager that can be found on my website."

The video game publisher Rockstar struck gold with its wildly popular Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 5 was named one of the most popular games of 2013 and 2014, with players numbering in the millions worldwide. The GTA 5 series has accounted for more than 157 million copies sold.

GTA 5 provides gamers with their own reality in which they can purchase all the finer things in life, from high-performance vehicles and mansions to aircraft and yachts. Players can buy jewels, weapons and enjoy the company of beautiful women, all while living the rock star lifestyle.

Gamers can immerse themselves in a world where power and money rules, and where the man with the biggest gun takes the day. Players can release their frustrations on characters in the game that exemplify annoying real life people in a safe and non-harmful environment.

The former employee's launch of the new website provides gamers with a rare opportunity to experience the Grand Theft Auto 5 world in all its glory -- and without the $60 price tag. Faced with losing his employment when the GTA 5 for PC is released, the Rockstar employee has taken a daring step toward becoming one of the most infamous individuals in the realm of gaming.

For more information, visit the Free GTA 5 website to get a GTA 5 download of one of the hottest game experiences since video gaming systems were invented.

About the Company:

Free-gta5.com is a website developed by a semi-formal Rockstar employee who chooses to change the world by giving GTA 5 for PC free of charge.

Contact: Willam, info@free-gta5.com, 00000

Category: Entertainment
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