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Shaktidhar Nayak
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Muscat, Muscat, Oman

QBG Group creates rippling waves of perfection in Muscat, Oman
ISO-OMAN Editorial Roles

Muscat, Muscat -- Nov 09, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Every company has joined the bandwagon of ISO. The need to certify quality in order to capture the confidence and trust of the customers has slowly and gradually become the vision and mission of a majority of the companies.  In this day and age, ISO certifications have found its importance and need in every company to climb up the ladder of success. Thus many ISO consultancy firms have increased in numbers to assist companies in their quality mission. ISO certification Muscat is one such ISO consultancy firm that helps companies in the deliver their best.  ISO certification Muscat scrutinizes the processes and procedures of the companies that are aimed at delivering quality services to the customers. They ensure that the defect rates decrease and corrective action is implemented with immediate effects as soon as the defect occurs. The documented procedures followed by ISO certification Muscat are simple and easy to understand for implementation purposes. Newly recruited employees of the companies do not fall into any flux while implementing the ISO certified policies or adhering to the rules of the certification body. ISO certification Muscat reviews and evaluates the company's goal and performance on a strategic basis, and plans out the next step to be followed by the company.  One of the benefits this consultancy firm carries with it, is that, they help in identifying the flaws earlier and they provide ways of amending it at a lower cost. The documented procedures of this firm are well defined and systematic with one goal in mind, which is to improve the consistency and continuity of output.  In this way, the company's goals are met and new goals are set with newer strategies and with the help of advanced directions.  Through these services, newer avenues of businesses are ensured, as the company gets the efficiency to promote themselves to new markets, as well their brand gets rooted in the market on a longstanding basis. These certifications also facilitate in better management control and the company comes to know how well their business is doing in the market. We as consultants equip the companies to such an extent that they develop the ability to foresee challenges, tackle and fix them on a faster note, without wasting any extra time or money. This will ensure the longevity of the process quality assurance and will foster the growth of the company in all years to come.



Cell +968-98050401

E-mail: rachna@qbgoman.com


(A QBG company)

Board: +968-24666000

Fax: +968-24666006

Direct: +968-24666004

Cell +968-99386736

E-Mail :  info@iso-oman.net

Website: http://www.iso-oman.net/

Contact: Shaktidhar Nayak, omanisoconsultant@gmail.com, 968-24666004

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