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Daniel Rivercrest
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Paris, France, France

Pirater un compte Facebook - French Hackers Gone Rogue

In Paris, France, thousands of Facebook accounts have been hacked with tools such as pirater un compte Facebook. The phrase may not be known to those who don't know French, but it roughly translates to 'hack a Facebook account'. Now, the main reason that people are worried about this leak is that people are getting their accounts hacked on Facebook. Facebook accounts contain messages with your loved ones, friends, siblings and more, and French hackers have completely found the database where these are stored and are now promoting their own sites.

These sites are promoting pirater un compte Facebook, and like we discussed in the previous paragraph, it is just a French translation like you can read above. Now, the main reason that the hackers in France are extremely popular now is because they only leaked the database of the French Facebook accounts, and other accounts on any other language but French were not affected.

We have gotten no word from Facebook about this, but we will update this if we do receive anything.

Contact: Daniel Rivercrest, info@lockfacebook.fr, 8001234567

Category: Internet Technology
Word Count:181
Tags: pirater un compte facebook, comment pirater un compte facebook
Weblinks: http://lockfacebook.fr


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