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Derby, UK, United Kingdom

Organic Versus PPC Linking Shows A Mix of Effectiveness
Study shows organic is more efficient, while PPC is less time consuming

Derby, UK -- Aug 19, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- A UK-based Smart Traffic recently hired Regus for its organic search rankings and found a growth of 155% for online inquiry conversions through SEO work in natural or 'organic' searches, according to Smart Traffic's own numbers.

CEO of Smart Traffic, Philip Cheek, noted that much of the increase in smartphone devices and the focus on SEO work tailored toward such use, are to thank for the increase. "With sales via online and mobile platforms expected to rise by over 13 per cent in 2013 in the UK alone, businesses of all sizes are recognising the potential that the web offers for expanding sales and reaching new markets. An integrated online strategy is now one of the biggest priorities for companies and organisations that are looking at avenues for growth and omni-channel retail opportunities," he said.

Regus, along with many other businesses, is now recognizing the importance of the ranking systems and how organic rankings can make the difference in running ads. Still, there are a great many businesses that struggle in the deployment and sustainability of quality SEO strategy. Questions regarding Pay-Per-Click advertising and programing, Google AdWords, and traffic building through organic work and cooperative backlinks are questions that have to be asked. It all can depend on the research done and who one ask that derives a proper answer.

Studies that have attempted to track popularity of paid ads versus organic searches shows that the answer is not wholly clear. A study from Search Engine Watch revealed metrics that showed disparity in age demographics. Young and old were more likely to click on paid ads first. Deeper research showed that individuals believed top ads were more popular simply based on their position.

The question of which method works better is still in question, however. Posar Inbound Marketing laid out pros and cons of both systems. It noted organic searchers takes more time, but has more efficient results cultivated, while PPC are quicker but can be more easily ignored or distrusted.

About PearlyDeanMarketing.co.uk

PearlyDean Marketing (http://pearlydeanmarketing.co.uk/) provides quality affordable london SEO services and information on marketing strategy for your company or project. Get a free SEO audit today to learn how much you can save.

Contact: Customer Service, contact@pearlydeanmarketing.co.uk, 8667654654

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