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New York City, New York, United States

No Need for a huge wallet with the Coupon Organizer & Scanner Android App
New App scans, sorts and stores coupons easily to make shopping with them a breeze!

New York City, New York -- Aug 08, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- More and more shoppers are clipping coupons to save money, get better deals and take advantage of special promotions. The downside is that each shopping trip could see a customer having to dig through a pile of coupons at the checkout and make them feel guilty or self conscious about saving money and holding up the line.

Coupon Organizer & Scanner, a new free Coupon Android App solves that problem and more!

As well as scanning a coupon into the Android's memory to store it, Coupon Organizer and Scanner has a huge database that accesses 1000's of coupons from all major stores and businesses and is constantly updated with the latest deals. No more hunting through newspapers and magazines for specific offers - Coupon Organizer & Scanner already has them! The app is also integrated with CouponScanApp.com where all coupons are backed up. Users can add/edit and sync coupons in the app or on CouponScanApp.com!

Users can quickly scan their own coupons with their phone then search for them by keyword or recently added for quick retrieval. A premium version of the coupon organizer offers extended features including a bulk scanning feature to save even more time and hassle by uploading and organizing a large number of coupons in one go.

A coupon organizer is an essential tool for the modern, money-saving, savvy shopper and being able to access the database of coupons quickly and easily will save so much time at the checkout that it will be as second nature as using a debit or store card!

The app's functionality also allows the user to set expiry dates and alerts so they will know how long they have to use each coupon.

Coupon Organizer and Scanner is available for free while a Premium version of the App is also available for $9.99, which has all the key free features as well as access to the ever-growing database and unlimited searches, scans and bulk upload capability to do everything in one go.

Coupon Organizer & Scanner is the Coupon app the Android has been waiting for - the one that finally brings coupon clipping firmly into the 21st Century. The app is available in the Google Play store right now. Visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.couponscanner


Coupon Organizer & Scanner is the latest app from KWM Holdings LLC. They are successful Android app developers and producers. More of their apps can be found in the Google Play store and their website-> ProAppDevelopment.com

For more information on Coupon Organizer & Scanner contact kerry@proappdevelopment.com

Contact: Keith Bowen, kerry@proappdevelopment.com, 646.385.7354 Ext. 254

Category: Computer Software
Word Count:445
Weblinks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.couponscanner

Coupon Organizer and Scanner

New App scans, sorts and stores coupons easily to make shopping with them a breeze!


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