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Moving and Relocation Guide

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Denver, CO, United States

Moving and Relocation Guide Highlights New Moving Law Benefitting Consumers
May 15, 2012 New Moving Law Goes LIVE!

Denver, CO -- May 07, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- For over a year, there's been a battle in legislation over the protection of consumers when moving. And, rightfully so given the onslaught of moving scams within the industry.

It was slated to go into effect last year, but when the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) raised concerns about The Surface Transportation Board (STB) Amendment No. 5 to RR-999, the effective date of the law was postponed until those concerns were addressed. The AMSA lobbied for legislation that would require moving companies to provide optional moving insurance for consumers at the time of the moving estimate. In addition, the AMSA requested that the insurance and valuation options be clearly indicated on all moving estimate forms.

"While consumers have been afforded some protection in the past with regard to moving their personal goods, it was never quite enough," begins a spokesperson for Moving and Relocation Guide. "Valuation coverage doesn't amount to much and previously, moving consumers were never fully aware of all of their options and the implications of those options. This new law requires moving companies to offer true moving insurance in addition to the valuation coverage and to make certain that their estimate forms show these options prominently. We think this is solid legislation which will, no doubt, benefit consumers."

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) Amendment No. 5 to RR-999 will go into effect on May 15, 2012 after a delay of 14 months. Many within the moving industry, including moving companies, feel this measure is a positive step for the industry.

Contact: Brandi Abbey, brandi.abbey@movingandrelocationguide.com, 610 438-4650

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Weblinks: http://www.movingandrelocationguide.com/

Moving and Relocation Guide

Moving and Relocation Guide is a one-stop portal designed to help consumers make informed decision about moving.


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