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Moving and Relocation Guide

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PO Bo 765
Denver, CO 80201

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Denver, CO, United States

Moving and Relocation Guide Discovers Disturbing New Moving Trend
Possible new moving scam highlighted on Moving and Relocation Guide

Denver, CO -- May 02, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Moving and Relocation Guide just published a breaking news story that highlights a possible new trend within the moving industry.

While scouring the web for moving industry news, a writer from Moving and Relocation Guide stumbled upon a question posed on a Yahoo! Answers site in which a curious individual asked a, seemingly, innocent question regarding renting a moving truck and moving household items for individuals. The entirety of the post can be found here:

"While we aren't saying this particular story is indicative of a scam, it certainly could be," begins a spokesperson for Moving and Relocation Guide. "We realize there are individuals out there who simply need to make money during these tough economic times. However, when a consumer hires a moving company, they need to be certain they are hiring a professional, else they risk the loss of all of the goods they are moving. Our goal is to create greater awareness among consumers regarding potential moving scams so that they can take necessary precautions with their moves."

Moving and Relocation Guide is a one-stop consumer moving portal designed to empower consumers with information to assist in making proper, informed decisions when relocating. 

Contact: B Abbey, brandi.abbey@movingandrelocationguide.com, 303-555-4675

Category: Transportation
Word Count:222
Weblinks: http://www.movingandrelocationguide.com/

Moving and Relocation Guide

Moving and Relocation Guide is a one-stop portal designed to help consumers make informed decision about moving.



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