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Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, United States

Mother of Suicide Victim Has Remaining Three Children Unjustly Taken From Her.
In Need of Legal Help Poconos Pennsylvania

Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania -- Nov 11, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Please share this story anywhere you can. This cannot be allowed to happen. I need a pro bono lawyer for my legal case and custody case. My ex lied and my children have been taken from me. Please help if you can.

My name is Bonni Rubinstein. November 18th 2010 my son Justin Rubinstein left this world by suicide. Since that time my life has spun out of control as you can well guess. But I would like to tell of my current situation. A few months ago my, "common law" husband made a choice to leave me. Rather then being upfront he decided to make life so unbearable for me that I would either ask him to leave, be institutionalized or commit suicide. He kept telling me to get a gun and make sure I aimed it at the roof of my mouth so I would die and not just shoot the back of my neck out. After 3 months of harsh verbal abuse he told me that he was doing all of this to get me to tell him to leave. I was foolish. I loved him and needed him so badly that I begged him to stay. Then right before my ex left he did a turn around and told me how much he loved me and we made a plan to send all of the kids away for two weeks so we could spend time together. I was so happy and so in love with him. I was walking on air. We dropped my daughter who was the last to leave at the airport and we headed home. We had a wonderful evening just as any couple would who were in love. We ate Chinese food together and he said, "sweetie go in the room and pick out a movie and I will be right in". He never came in and called and said he left me. I was confused and said, "but I thought you loved me so much" His response was, "It hurts more this way doesn't it. Don't forget to aim the gun at the roof of your mouth and when you commit suicide it is not on my head" As you can certainly guess there is much more to this story and I somehow could not get it through my head that this man who once loved me so deeply seeming hated me now. I continued to beg to have him come home and he continued with his suicide suggestions. But now I will fast forward to him being gone 13 weeks. My ex was somewhat of a hoarder and when he left us he left a huge mess for us which I had a cleanup crew busy emptying out. Having recently had a hernia issue with my upper abdomen I did the best I could to stay on top of things but the house really got away from me. Now it is clean as a pin.

On the weekend of Oct 27th I was still begging my former partner for child support which he was unwilling to give unless my 17 year old daughter would sign something to the effect that he had never had any type of misconduct with her. I had not thought he had other then yelling and being nasty but upon his leaving my daughter mentioned some things to my mother pretty much saying that she was glad he was gone yet not wanting to give details. My ex explained to me that I was to take my daughter to a lawyers office whom he had hired and have her sign saying he did nothing to her, nothing to me and for me to waive my common law status which in my mind was firmly established before the law was abolished in 2005. I have made many offers for visitation between my former partner and his 9 year old daughter who he had not seen at all. On the weekend of the 27th he agreed to see her for her birthday. Little did I know that he had just that weekend gotten a house with his sister. On Monday the 29th of October he claimed he was coming to bring me some food for the storm. He had given me nothing prior to this so I was very glad to have this. I was in my van waiting in my driveway for him to come and on the phone with him when he started arguing with me and asked, "Did you get that gun yet to shoot yourself in the head or you can slash your wrists but make sure you go up and down to really get into the vein" he also suggested that I could find many ways to kill myself online. He and his sister were laughing and I was furious when he then told me that I would be needing to give money for the food which I did not have. He and his sister started screaming and his sister was yelling, "I will kick he a**" etc... I was afraid at which point I said that I did buy the gun and would shoot them if they came here. He laughed at me and asked, "where did you get the gun" I replied, "Walmart" he asked what kind and without knowing about guns I said, "an 8?" he laughed and said , "they dont sell that there" so I said , a pawn shop in Stroudsburg". He laughed again disbelieving me and I once again said, "dont not come or I will shoot him both as his sister was still threatening me with bodily harm. It clicked in my head at that very moment that this man whom I was somehow still expecting to protect me would allow someone to hurt me and he himself was truly my abuser. They still pulled up in my driveway with no food and still screaming on the phone at me. I was irate and said anything I could. He then told me that my biggest fear with Sandy coming needs to be that my sons grave was going wash away down the hillside right onto route 80 which he claimed was ironic since rt 80 was were my son killed himself. My daughter came outside and I told her to go back in. At which point my ex and his sister took off. 

I went inside and called the police and said that they were here and I threatened them with a gun. They came and asked if I had one and I said no. They took my report and left. My ex and I continued to argue on and off on the phone and he kept hanging up on me and stupidly in my rage I left nasty text and voice voice mails which in retrospect I can clearly see I was being baited. Then once again the doorbell rang and it was the police and he had told them I was suicidal. I was not so they left. I then spoke to Michael at around 9pm and things seemed to settle. We spoke for about 15 minutes. Then we spoke again for 13 minutes and my ex was asking me to tell him about the gun but I could tell I was on speaker phone and being recorded and I kept telling him that I do not have a gun. I had also sent him a text from my other number at 6:45 PM saying that I would never hurt anyone. My ex then claimed in a report that I threatened to kill myself and my children but he claims the police did not respond. He then claims he went to sleep (even though I was supposedly going to kill myself and my child) and he then called it in the next day. At 12:30 the police came I admitted again that I did say I had a gun and would shoot them if they came/stayed but that I had no gun. They had me sign something to search my home. They found no gun. The home was in a huge mess as I stated above. They found my 9 year old asleep in my bed in her underwear (they claim nude) they asked her why and I guess she was nervous because she said she had none yet they neglected to note that she came out in , "Hello Kitty" pajamas. They said I was under arrest. I never heard my Miranda Rights. I was told that I could have no contact with my children and my little one was sent to her fathers house where his sister is watching her while he is never really home.(now he does not have to pay child support) I was charged with 1st degree terroristic threats 1st degree child endangerment and 3rd degree harassment. Children and youth did not come out that day because of power outages. But they did agree to have the police remove my children.

One final note

I am not suicidal. I have held up to all of this and have no intention to commit suicide. I have said it on the phone to him begging him to come back . I have been in therapy dealing with my sons death and somehow it was only Monday the 29th that I realized that my "husband" was gone also. I guess I tried so hard to hang on because I could not take anymore loss. I was angry, very angry at what I clearly saw was being done to me but I harmed no one and only wanted the entire thing to just stop. I fell for the trap. He now has my daughter, his sister watches her and he has no child support to pay. I was foolish. I fell for his trap. 

Now the 18th of this month Nov. will be two years since my child is dead and I have lost him, my husband and my other three children as well. This should not happen to anyone.

I need a lawyer for my criminal case and custody case.

Bonni Rubinstein

Contact: BONNI RUBINSTEIN, busterandbabs@hotmail.com, 5709946680

Category: Criminal Law, Women Related, Childrens Related
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Weblinks: https://www.facebook.com/bonni.rubinstein.1


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