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Broomstick Productions, Inc.

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Jan Ziff
4729 N. 65th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 766-0346

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Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Looking for an Enchanting (not Scary) Halloween Story for Young Children? Meet Heckerty!
Award-winning iOS, Android app entertains and educates, as kids interact with the zaniest witch ever -- and the app is now available for free download

Scottsdale, AZ -- Oct 23, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- This time of year, many parents of younger children are looking for ways to share the bewitching fun of Halloween without scaring the little ones. This year, there's an award-winning educational app that's perfect for that -- and it will keep young readers and pre-readers enchanted long after the pumpkins and candy are gone.

Meet Heckerty, a mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices including Kindle Fire, is an award-winning interactive storybook for children. It's the story of how Heckerty, a hilarious witch, got her green face -- with a little help from her cat Zanzibar and all the other inhabitants of a magical children's destination -- Spellbound. As kids enjoy playing with the app, Heckerty teaches them to read, increases their vocabulary and develops their learning skills. It has won rave reviews and is free up through Heckerty's birthday on Halloween.

"Since Heckerty's birthday is on Halloween, it's the perfect time to get acquainted with her, and share in all the fun," explains Jan Ziff, the founder of Broomstick Productions and creator of Meet Heckerty. "Besides the story, there are coloring pages, craft ideas, and recipes for parents and children to share." (For details on the free add-ons to the interactive app, visit www.heckerty.com.)

Heckerty has appeared in children's education for over 20 years in the UK and was created by Ann Rachlin, Britain's Royal Storyteller and an internationally acclaimed music educator, writer, recording artist, lyricist and speaker. Now Heckerty is the star of an app that combines the quality of traditional English storytelling with 21st century technology and creative talent.

The stories are narrated by renowned BBC broadcaster Jan Ziff, founder of Broomstick Productions and creator of Meet Heckerty. As she reads, the text appears one word at a time so children learn to recognize each one and build their vocabulary. Even better, they can tap on any word to hear it read aloud as many times as they like.

Meet Heckerty is currently available FREE on iTunes, the Amazon Android store and the Google Play store.

Contact: Deb McAlister-Holland, deb@mcalisterpr.com, 214-707-3422

Category: Education, Multimedia & Internet, Books, Childrens Related, Consumer Electronics
Word Count:367
Weblinks: http://www.heckerty.com, http://www.heckerty.com/blog

Broomstick Productions, Inc.

Meet Heckerty, the zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch. The ever-growing series of Heckerty stories are happy, hilarious, and helpful for children from ages 2 through 9, and for special needs or ESL students of all ages.

Discover the award-winning Heckerty apps, books, and eBooks from Broomstick Productions that are enchanting and educating kids around the world. The apps (winner of the Editor's Choice award and top rated by users and reviewers) as well as the Heckerty books, eBooks, audio books and soon-to-appear games, are based on a proven, successful series of children stories, originally created and brought to life by one of Britain's most internationally successful storytellers.

Product Features

  • Superb narration done to BBC broadcast standards make them ideal for kids and adults to improve English reading & vocabulary.
  • Rich interactive animation and graphics that kids love. As they play, they discover important life values while learning English.
  • As Heckerty reads from one of the free apps for iOS or Android devices, the highlighted text appears one word or one sentence at a time so children learn to recognize each word and build their vocabulary.
  • Kids can tap on any word to hear it read aloud as many times as they'd like.
  • Designed for children to enjoy by themselves or with an adult help. The apps include Story Teller and Read and Play options, along with games and activities.
  • Choose between 6 languages for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire apps, including Chinese, Spanish, French and German. The apps are a wonderful tool for children learning English as a second language.
  • Optimized for iOS / Android Phones and Tablets running ARM7 processor or later (including Amazon Kindle Fire).

Broomstick Productions has updated these wonderful gentle, magically quirky British stories in the style of Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter and Alice in Wonderland, then added a team of skilled actors, musicians, visual artists, technical wizards and production experts. The result is a unique blend of quality English storytelling merged with top 21st century technology and creative talent to create stories and activities your kids will love and play for hours on end!

Download any or all of the Heckerty stories today for your child as apps designed for your iOS, Android or Kindle Fire devices, as books, eBooks and even as audio books! See for yourself.

Follow Heckerty, her cat Zanzibar and their friends to magical places with stories, play, animations and adventures. Get Heckerty's wonderful adventures today using the free links at https://heckerty.com/get-heckerty/


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