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Michal Naim
36 Sokolov St.

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Ramat-Hasharon, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

Latest Techniques in Natural Gender Selection with Girlorboy4u
Grab the easy way to control gender selection naturally

Ramat-Hasharon, Israel -- Aug 19, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Whether you are a first-time mom or already have kids, a feeling of joy for a newborn never fails to reach not just to parents but also to the people around you. Generally a father would like to opt for a baby boy, while the mother, most of the time, prefers a girl. Natural gender selection here can help parents to determine their babies' gender. More to it, parents can even control gender selection to have a boy or a girl in a desired order. Now it's pretty easy to conceive a boy using latest technique in natural gender selection.

Thanks to Michal Naim and her unique technique of egg cycle method. It clarifies the egg alone determines choosing either 'X' or 'Y' chromosome for ovulation. "My proven method relies on the brief overview that when a woman ovulates an egg, the egg is the one that decides if the sperm with the boy chromosome (Y) or the sperm with the girl chromosome (X) will fertilize it (the egg)." Michal clarifies. Some other parameters like women's menstrual cycle also help predetermining the baby gender. Michal will tell you when to try and conceive as per the dates. To conceive a boy you just need to fill out an information questionnaire, Michal will provide you, with correct information. In this process the applicant will be checked whether she is suitable for this method. If everything goes green for the said applicant, she will be provided the dates when to conceive to get desired gender for the newborn.

If this method finds anyone with no result initially, don't get disheartened -- Michal will help you even then. You're requested to contact her again with the exact date of your cycle. She added - "If you do not conceive in that month, upon receiving your menstrual cycle you need to contact me and give me the exact date of your cycle. (You can send me an email using your user name), I will then recalculate all of your information and give you new dates for the following month." Just cool your heels and watch out for the next cycle -- who knows it may bring you sweet smile of conceiving a boy!

Contact: Michal Naim, girlorboy4you@gmail.com, 972-50-2595799

Category: Healthcare
Word Count:393
Weblinks: http://www.girlorboy4u.com/


Want a girl? Want a boy? Now it's possible! A newborn sex determination. Desire to determine the sex of the newborn. For more information about Gender selection, Natural gender selection, Determine baby gender, Holy Land gender selection, Predetermine baby's sex, please visit: www.girlorboy4u.com .


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