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Rizki Yudhistira
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Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Ladyfem Herbal

Medan, Sumatera Utara -- Apr 15, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Lady Fem is an original Indonesian herbal products that are beneficial to the health of the female  organs. With its natural ingredients ladyfem able to cope with  discharge, odor, restores female arousal, increase pleasure , cleaning the walls of the uterus.

Lady Fem makes women more healthy and confident, lady fem works by repairing and eremajakan all hormonal functions that exist within a woman's body, so it helps to overcome the problem of femininity such as:

  • Menstrual Pain

  • Normalize the menstrual cycle

  • Improve Libido and add excitement to intimate relationships

  • Helping Fertility

  • Cleaning Mold / whitish inside wall of the uterus

  • Making organs more sensitive and abrasive

  • Accelerate orgasm

  • Slowing the process of menopause

  • Can be used for therapeutic cyst

Composition Lady Fem:

Piper betle Folim, Boesenbergia pandurata Rhizome, Rhizome Curcuma domestica, Kaempferia Galanga Rhizome, Zingiber officinale Rhizome, Punica granatum Cartex, Paraameria Laerigata Pericarpium.

Dosage Lady Fem:

Week One: 2x a day morning & night (take 2 capsules each)
The next week: 1x daily morning / evening (by taking 2 capsules)
Not recommended for pregnant and lactating

Testimony Lady Fem

"Drinking ladyfem make my body more fit so I can do activities that require extra energy and my mind considering a career woman, I also experience  discharge, since drinking ladyfem conditions became much better, of course, I'm also more confident doing my duty as a wife to husband beloved ... "

(Ms. Sania - Jakarta)

"After 1 month of taking Lady Fem (age 58 years) my husband commented that my skin turns gradually become more refined as the time I turned 30 years old when my now 58 years of age."

(Mrs. Khamil - Pakistan - Lampung)

"I suffer from cysts and have been terrified, I looked for ways to cure it. Eventually I was introduced to my regular consumption LadyFem and 3 box it up ... Then after 1 month of use I have swelling, then I am afraid to ask my agent and said that Lady Fem is a good sign cyst "is nearly off". I was asked to continue drinking but I "do not believe" because I was afraid of nothing and then I decided to surgery, but surprisingly the doctor who operated on me said the cyst was loose and did not need surgery. Living next menstrual definitely out kistanya ... Wahh ... know so did not need surgery. Pak doctor asked mothers drink? I replied LadyFem dock ... Ehhh follow the doctor even join business hehehe ... awesome! "

Name : Rizki Yudhistira
Phone : 085276999699
Website : ladyfem herbal

Contact: Rizki Yudhistira, rizki.manager.it@gmail.com, 085276999699

Category: Heavy Industry; Health
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