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Jan Berkowitz
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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Jan Berkowitz spearheads waste water cleanup in California

Los Angeles, CA -- Oct 28, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Waste water cleanup majorly contributes to cleaning up our environment, and in these times of global warming and climate change, forms an important part of the various measures being taken to fight environmental degradation. Los Angles based Jan Berkowitz has been rendering yeoman service to the state of California, when it comes to waste water cleanup and treatment.

He does this by lecturing across the state, talking to school and college children, government officials, policemen, gas attendants and basically anyone who will listen. The talks are not so much about the process of waste water management, as it is about teaching people about how not to stretch and overburden our resources, both of fresh water and the waste water treatment facilities themselves.

Says, Jan, "We may not be a water deficient country, but that does not mean that our water resources are unlimited. They are finite and need to be protected. Everybody can contribute by not wasting water and at their own level recycle it a bit. For example waste water from the washing machine could be directed towards the garden and lawn. Use of modern flushing gadgets, which use a fraction of the amount of water normally used are a great help too."

Jan is a little surprised at the lack of information among most people about the whole concept of harnessing water resources effectively, and how waste water treatment is such an integral part of this process. He however is quite happy and satisfied about the fact that he is able to irrevocably change the attitude of the people who interact with him.

For too long has planet Earth been taken for granted by people who couldn't see beyond their noses. This attitude has led us to the tipping point, and if we do not take recourse to drastic measures by way of changing the very templates of modern wasteful living we are in big trouble. Examples of this abound in the droughts, flooding, forest fires, and typhoons which seem to strike with unprecedented ferocity these days. Individuals like Jan Berkowitz are at the forefront of this crusade to bring about a change.

Already his efforts have won him huge acclaim in the community with awards galore coming his way. Jan however is focused upon taking his message to as many people as possible, not just in California but to all other states. It his firm belief that getting a firm grip on the waste water issue would be a big step forward for the pro environment movement.

For Media Details Please Contact:

Jan Berkowitz

Contact: Jan Berkowitz, berkowitz_jan@yahoo.com, 562-724-9817

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