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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Icepen - The Best Precision Touch Pen For Touch Screens

Los Angeles, CA -- Nov 30, 2012 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Los Angeles, California -- Touch screens are everywhere, more than 50 percent of adult (120 million-in the US alone) own at least one, and the number continues to climb faster than any other type of consumer electronic products. Most users even admit to taking them everywhere, and a recent survey found 80 percent use their touch screen devices at work to boost communication and productivity. Majority of 90 percent of these business users are demanding stylus as a top priority accessory to offer more precision level and special features to improve experience with Note Writing Apps that are better with a precise stylus tips, Graphic Apps that work with paintbrush stylus tips, or Music Apps that require drumstick stylus tips.

The Icepen is among the first business pen that breaks the boundary of a traditional ink pen. Icepen's users can instantly write on paper and switch to touch screen while maintaining the same comfort plus precision of writing with regular ink pen, thanks to the built-in precision transparent stylus disc at the other end. Additionally, the Icepen is also equipped with 3 switchable transparent stylus nibs in different shapes, sizes, and hardness to serve different references and applications that are on demand.

Icepen has a practical slim shape with a stunning twisted metal body (available on Icepen Crystal) that was designed for maximum ergonomics while keeping the premium metal aspect. The unique vent at the end of the Icepen, is a reinterpretation detail of our future writing instrument's vision, and breathing life to cold metal by our design language and craftsmanship. The vent is served as holder for leather strap and mounting point for the removable pocket clip.

The core exterior design of the Icepen sparks futuristic language into an elegant, functional, and modern design pen, that express the owner's exquisite taste of modern technology and fashion. Icepen also shares the similar Matte Anodized Aluminum Finish like the Apple Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod. Aircraft-grade aluminum is the material of choice to provide excellent durability and quality expectation.

Designed to work instantly out of box, Icepen features popular ballpoint ink pen as its main writing instrument on paper that most business users refer. The precision stylus tips and transparent conductive silicone tips were engineered to work with 99% of today touch screen devices (screens that use touch capacitive technology). Which mean Icepen will work with all touch screens found on Android devices, Apple IOS devices, Amazon Kindle, or the hot Windows 8 and Surface devices. Universal compatibility is first requirement of a true business accessory.

At the opposite end of the ballpoint pen tip, Icepen utilizes a transparent precision stylus disc that simulates the precise writing experience by its 50 degrees mechanical rotation around a metal ballpoint. The transparency of the disc provides clear vision to the very first pixels that user wants to create or connect to. Offering excellent precision level for writing, drawing, or painting activities on touch screens.

Additionally, the ICEPEN features the world's first transparent silicone tip, attached to one end of ICEPEN, creating a unique luxurious appearance that no other stylus could offer. Our first line of stylus nibs already covered majority demands in term of form and functions.

The Starwalker tip was named for its transparency appearance that creates a unique detail of the ICEPEN. The internal of the tip is designed to provide soft and high sensitivity comfort for fast navigation, or gaming activities.

The Oval tip offers substantive pressure experience like using a highlighter pen or dry ease marker due to its solid medium hardness internal design, the curvy angled tip ensure better experience when sketching, drawing, or activities that rely on dragging motion.

The Wide Angle tip is a hybrid of the Starwalker and Oval tip; the special designed shape offers precise pressure with more hardness to create continuous line at wider angle to please your creative hand and mind.
When it comes to feature, the ICEPEN has unmatched possibilities for extension. We will extend the ICEPEN's features by developing special tips as accessories to attach to the head of the Icepen. Great examples are the drumstick tips and paintbrush tips. Future development of more accessories will be debuted and based on our loyal customer's demand.

Unlike other metal pen or stylus with limited color selections that focus on being neutral, the ICEPEN is set to break this boundary by offering ability to give subtle expression of the owner's personality through our sleek and colorful collections. We're offering 6 different colors for the first shipment and more than 12 colors after February, additional surface finish or texture will be added later on.

The first shipment of limited colors & editions ICEPEN will be after Christmas Holiday with free shipping wthin US & price starting from $15 for the Icepen Basic Package and $25 for the Icepen Crystal Package, up to $49 for Limited Special Editions.

For $59 you'll get Drumstick Package of 2 Icepen with 2-drumstick stylus tips.

Valentine Edition and Retail Premium Package of 9 colors will be shipping in February. The ICEPEN store will be available for preorder in January and shipment will be in March 2013.

Pre-order the Icepen: http://www.indiegogo.com/Icepen?a=1760866

Contact us for more info:

Contact: ICEPEN, lemonindustrialdesign@gmail.com, (815) 354-0000

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