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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Express Market Profile 2011 - Hungary

Dec 21, 2011 / ( --

Dublin - Research and Markets
( has announced the addition of the "Express Market Profile 2011 - Hungary" report to their offering.

Express Market Profile 2011 - Hungary contains a detailed outlook for the express industry in this country, reporting on market size, segmentation, trends, and growth forecasts up to 2015, as well as an overview of the European (EU-16) market situation.

Scope of the report:

- Covers details of the Hungarian express market as well as a full European overview.

- Analyzes the country's express market by size and growth levels, further broken down by destination, service level, and recipient.


The Hungarian express market was positively affected by the economic recovery of 2010. The country's courier, express, and parcels market value and volume grew by 4.9% and 5.5%, respectively.

Reasons to buy:

- Understand how the country's express market will develop over the next five years and how it performs compared with the European average.

- Understand the drivers behind the different growth levels of market segments within the country's express market.

For more information visit

Source: Datamonitor

Contact: Laura Wood, , ,

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