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MyPRGenie, Inc.

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Miranda Tan
475 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016
212-807-8300 ext 3

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New York, NY, United States

MyPRGenie Launches the PR Industry's First Crowdsourcing Media Platform to Provide the Most Up-To-Date Media Database
Now you can share your media contacts and get access to half a million media contacts; No more high fees and bad media data!

New York, NY -- Mar 05, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- MyPRGenie (www.myprgenie.com) announced today that they will be launching later this month, the PR industry's first crowdsourcing media platform. For the first time, PR professionals and companies can share media contacts to earn points and gain access to hundreds of thousands of the most up-to-date media contacts.

Users earn points for every new media contact shared with MyPRGenie, and can spend the points they earn for access to a global media contact database.

Miranda Tan, CEO of MyPRGenie, says that the new crowdsourcing media platform is a re-imagination of how media contacts are researched, collected and updated. "What's exciting is that adding a wiki-styled, crowdsourcing technology allows PR professionals to automatically update media contacts in real-time and share it with a community, versus the old-fashioned way of tediously calling and manually updating the contact database one by one. It is amazing how much manual work remains in maintaining most media databases."

"Sales professionals have had access to this kind of data for years," she said, "But this is the first time such a system has been added to a public relations platform."

The new system, which will go "live" on MyPRGenie's cloud-based public relations platform this month, includes several benefits never before available to PR professionals.  

  • Users can earn points by sharing their media contacts -- and then use those points to "purchase" new contacts added by other users.  

  • A rating system lets users identify problems in the database, so we can quickly update records.  

  • User comments about reporters or feedback from reporters who want to opt-out of the system are automated.

  • MyPRGenie will automatically delete email addresses after a hard bounce, and ensure that the databases remains current with no bad email addresses.

  • Media contacts who have unsubscribed cannot be added back to the system by users.

  • Reporters can better manage unwanted emails and follow interested companies

It's a more cost-effective way to provide small businesses and PR professionals with access to high quality information about the journalists, bloggers, and other information media gatekeepers who can help them get the word out about their products and services. Tan says that it's a better way to help media reporters manage emails and follow companies while blocking unwanted emails and spam from companies.

MyPRGenie is the next generation, cloud-based, public relations platform used by PR professionals, marketers and companies looking to promote their business to get the most up-to-date and accurate media contact information. The MyPRGenie public relations platform provides a comprehensive global database where you can find media contacts.
Every media contact is complete with email, phone, outlet name, address, beat, title and social media name. MyPRGenie aims to map every media outlet organization on the planet through crowdsourcing,and then keep the database current through a collaborative effort.

PR professionals and companies eager to check out the new crowdsourcing platform can be among the first to preview and use the new crowdsourcing feature by signing up now for the MyPRGenie Inner
Circle Beta program. The first 100 users who sign up for the MyPRGenie Crowdsourcing Beta Program, users will get 10 FREE MyPRGenie web distributions (a $400 value) for participating in the crowdsourcing beta program. To sign up for the MyPRGenie Crowdsourcing beta program, please go to www.myprgenie.com/beta_test

In addition to the new crowdsourcing media platform, the MyPRGenie platform offers access to the PR tools, analytics and best-practice procedures that enable PR professionals and small businesses to harness the power of PR and social media marketing quickly and cost-effectively. Visit www.myprgenie.com for a free trial of the service, and review practical and useful how-to and best practices articles at www.blog.myprgenie.com. New content is published on the blog twice a week.

Contact: Miranda Tan, mtan@myprgenie.com, 212-807-8300 ext 3

Category: Marketing, Public Relations
Word Count:605
Weblinks: www.myprgenie.com

MyPRGenie, Inc.

MyPRGenie is a one-stop PR and social media platform for your marketing needs.

Launched in 2007 with the objective of providing a more effective and efficient tool for businesses to publicize themselves, MyPRGenie has grown to address your essential online marketing needs. As a result, we offer one intuitive platform for the following online marketing needs:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing

What We Do

MyPRGenie is an easy-to-use platform that takes proven and time tested marketing tools and puts them in one place. You can publicize, tweet, search engine optimize, capture leads and nurture them -- all in one inclusive hub.

Tweet GenieTweet Genie

Using the Genie platform you can significantly increase your social media presence. Our social networking apps, Facebook Genie and Tweet Genie, make reaching out to your followers easy and understandable. We also have a global media database of over 540,000 contacts world wide. You can target your content to the media by sending it directly to their inbox and track views in real time so you can follow up!

Our cutting-edge Genie Analytics help you monitor who and exactly how many users are viewing your content. Using the Lead Genie, you can see exactly who is looking at your content and analyze content traffic from first visit to most recent conversion.

Awards And Recognition

In 2010, MyPRGenie was named a top 100 OnDemand Software Company, a Top 100 Mid-Atlantic Private Company as well as a top 100 OnMedia company. Join the 5,000+ companies worldwide that use MyPRGenie to drive their marketing.


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