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Rebecca Willingham
1810 S. 6th. Ave.
Tucson , Az. 85713

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Tucson , AZ, United States

Coffee Shortage in Our Future?

Tucson, AZ -- Feb 06, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Ahhh every morning it is the smell of coffee that rises you out of bed to start the day. 9 out of 10 people in the world drink one cup of coffee a day every day. Wow, that is ALOT of coffee. 

10 years ago it wasn't this way. Coffee only really started its culture within these past 10 years. Mostly due to coffee shops popping up on every corner selling warm cups on the go. Now it is the second largest commodity item in the world. 

America ( as we know it ) has a Genetically Modified food problem. Instead of expanding our crops for using technology to advance the way we grow our crops, most companies have sprayed the crops with harmful chemicals that help the plant grow faster. What they do not consider is the negative long term effect this will have. 

Because of companies such as the green giant, some coffee plantations are now added to this list of Genetically Modified crops. Ruining the quality of the product and selling longterm harmful chemicals to the public. Coffee is estimated to have a huge decrease within the next 70 years.

One company such as Tylers Coffees though has vowed never to diverse from their core quality values. "No Matter how large we may grow, we will never roast anything but the highest quality bean we can find. That is my promise to you." States Tyler Ornstein the C.E.O. Tylers Coffee is the worlds first acid free coffee. Their care for quality shows by deliver the worlds healthiest coffee with a difference you can taste. To find out more information Google acid free coffee. 

Contact: Rebecca Willingham , beccaw@tylerscoffees.com, +1(520)869-6074

Category: Health
Word Count:288
Weblinks: www.tylerscoffees.com

Tylers Coffees

The Worlds #1 Acid Free Coffee. Its for when you need all the great benefits of coffee but not the acid, in a deliciously smooth, no bitter bite cup.


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