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London, Uk, United Kingdom

Carb Back Loading Diet - Can You Really Eat Dessert and Still Lose Weight?
Carb back loading is an Easy Diet Plan Developed by a Physicist to Build Muscle and Lose Fat - A Breakthrough Scientific Diet Based on Two Decades of Research

London, Uk -- May 03, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- There are so many fitness magazines and fad diets proclaiming the ways to trim and cut the perfect body. And with the popularity of fitness and the media emphasis on fighting the war on obesity, many of these have led to unhealthy obsessions with dieting and weight loss, even creating an addiction to fitness regimes. Unfortunately, without understanding how the body and food work scientifically, people can be disappointed with the results of their programs and not even know what or how to change it. A physicist, John Kiefer, spent two decades studying the body and how it uses thermodynamics and bimolecular processes to metabolize food. He studied every medical and scientifically related journal article and developed the program now known as Carb Back Loading.

"I wake up every morning to a toned, muscular body and a six-pack of abs," says Kiefer. "I stumbled upon an integral component of the way to stay lean and enhance every aspect of training - strength, size, aesthetics - with almost no effort. I don't eat on a schedule anymore. After spending a few years perfecting this eating strategy, I finally put it all into a single book with everything one would need to live, enjoy life and look like a fitness model."

The most intriguing element of this strategy that sets it apart is that the program user can eat the foods they crave and still get results. Carb Back Loading is not just a book, this 300 page ebook, which Kiefer has backed up with over 50 pages of science references cited from widely-distributed scientific journals, is a manual for total body recomposition. However, it also allows the user the ability to skip the science and go straight to the program with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, and an extensive support community is available to partner with users to keep them on point with their goals.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine reviewed the program and had this to say, "The carb back-loading diet could provide the holy grail of packing on mass without adding fat."

For more information, visit http://www.carbbackloading.pw.

Contact: Susan Aitch
Title: Dr
Email: contact@carbbackloading.pw

Contact: Susan Aitch, contact@carbbackloading.pw, 000000000

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