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Big Brain Works, LLC.

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Aaron Guidotti
140 West Gay St, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19380

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West Chester, PA, United States

Big Brain Works, LLC. Announces Patent Awarded for Grendel Online Technology and Processes
Patent Covers Compliance, Supervisory Controls, Unified Management of Client-to-Advisor-to-B/D Information, and Other Practice Management Features

West Chester, PA -- Feb 16, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Big Brain Works, LLC., developers of the financial services industry software Grendel Online, today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 7,873,557, which protects over 50 arguments including compliance controls, supervisory processes, and how a single system can unify data and filing among clients, advisors, and the broker/dealer. The patent issuance further differentiates Grendel Online as a powerful and unique technological solution for the financial services industry. 

"When we first applied for this patent years ago, these concepts weren't something anyone was talking about. Now they are all hot-button issues that broker/dealers are looking to solve" said Aaron Guidotti, CEO and patent holder. "Not only did we solve it, but we now have exclusivity on the solution."

The financial services industry has been attempting to leverage technology to reduce costs, errors, and omissions for years. Recently they have turned their efforts to try and unify the information spectrum that includes the data and files for the client, the advisor, and the broker/dealer -- all within a compliant and secure manner. Grendel Online's methods, now patented, provide this solution. 

Another problem the industry is struggling with is supervision. Annual reviews simply allow too much time to lapse to effectively discover discrepancies that should, and could, be corrected quickly. This patent covers the continuous and automated auditing processes that not only make the home office's life easier, but it also helps the advisor stay in perfect compliance.  

"A challenge for broker/dealers is to effectively get the compliance department, technology systems, and the advisors all on the same page" said George Guidotti, COO. "We're experts in all of these areas and we can speak the right languages to the right people."

The patent covers many other unique features of Grendel Online, but it is the total unification of data as well as the compliance and supervisory controls that have CEO Aaron Guidotti most excited. "These are game changers."

About Grendel Online

Grendel Online is a web based system for the financial services industry.  It includes CRM for advisors, account aggregation, compliant paperless office, a client portal for the advisors' clients, and an enterprise module for the broker/dealer offering back-office solutions. 

For more information, visit www.grendelonline.com or call 888-824-4477. 

Contact: Aaron Guidotti, aaron.guidotti@bigbrainworks.com, 888-824-4477

Category: Banking & Financial Services
Word Count:425
Weblinks: http://www.grendelonline.com

Big Brain Works, LLC.

Grendel Online is a software solution for the financial services industry. It includes CRM, account aggregation, compliant paperless office, compliant email archiving, and a client portal. There is also an enterprise module for broker/dealers that includes supervision controls, recruiting tools, data mining, compliance controls, and more.


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