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Alan Wake
101 Marcus Avenue
Lake Success, NY 11042

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Lake Success, NY, United States

Air Purifier Review Site to Help People Save Money and Save Their Health

Lake Success, NY -- Aug 02, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- AirPurifierReviewsHQ.Net blog author, Ian, is an allergy sufferer who turned to the use of air purifier with the hope of improving his health condition. It was only after spending few months equivalent of his salary that he finally cracked the puzzle to select the best air purifier. "The majority of consumers, including myself in the past, look at the price tag and this factor alone carries probably the heaviest weightage to their ultimate air purifier selection", says Ian. With his newly launched blog, Ian hopes to play a small part in educating his fellow air purifier seekers about the important factors that should go into the ultimate selection.

"If you are looking at air purifier and think that there is one model that works wonder for everyone, then you are mistaken", says Ian. There are several aspects about air purifier that has to be taken into consideration. The best air purifier is none other than one that works best for your needs but it may not be one that works best for me. That is because our allergy conditions are different, our room sizes are different and these are just the initial considerations that one has to weigh when selecting their air purifiers.

This may come as a surprise to most people. Ironically, while the intention of getting air purifier is to clean the air, some air purifiers produce ozone or gas chemicals instead. "I strongly recommend against buying these ozone air purifiers", according to Ian. The good news is this type of purifiers have been banned by the relevant city authorities and are rarely found in the market nowadays. The thing with our health is while the probability of occurence is small, statistic numbers become meaningless if you happen to be in the minority. When your health is affected, you have to fork out more to restore your health.

The key functionality of air purifiers is to remove the pollutants and undesirable particles from the air. The two most common techniques used in the majority of air purifiers are filter-based or ionizer-based. Filter-based technique works by trapping the particles while ionizer-based technique works by pulling the particles using electrostatically charged plates. Each technique comes with its own advantages and limitations. For filter-based air purifiers, you have to consider the type of filters and the need to change it on regular basis. Ionizer-based models on the other hand, does not require any replacement but require cleaning of its plate on regular basis.

"Everyone deserves to live in fresh and clean air environment and the search for the best air purifier should be easy", that is the goal that Ian had in mind when he launched his AirPurifierReviewsHQ.Net blog. Readers to his blog will be able to find reviews of comprehensive collection of the latest air purifier models that are available in the market.

About AirPurifierReviewsHQ.Net
AirPurifierReviewsHQ.Net is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to air purifier selection. As an allergy sufferer who finally learned what it takes to select the right air purifier only after spending months of his salary, Ian shares his experiences in cracking the puzzle for anyone who is seeking for the ultimate air purifier.

Contact Info:
Name: Ian Morris
Email: Ian@airpurifierreviewshq.net
Company Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Website Address: http://airpurifierreviewshq.net/

Contact: Alan Wake, seogladiator@gmail.com, 516123123

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