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Philadelphia, Pa, United States

2 Sports Psychology Secrets Learned In NFL Kansas City Chief's Loss Of Jovan Belcher And Win Over The Carolina Panthers
Vision and Direction

Philadelphia, PA -- Dec 03, 2012 / ( -- "The sports psychology of mental focus and resolve helped the NFL Kansas City Chiefs create an emotional win over the Carolina Panthers 27 to 21," says Todd Stofka Sports Performance Expert The Chiefs team played in the tragic shadow of the Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher having killed his girlfriend and taken his own life the previous morning.

There were talks of canceling or postponing the game as the result of this recent tragedy. However the coach thought that playing the game could be therapeutic.

So how do you turn the hearts of the men on the Kansas City Chiefs and the grieving community around? These are 2 classic sports psychology traits that not only work in football, in every area of life.

a. Mental Focus. Coach Romeo Crennel got his team together. Instead of 58 mourning individuals, he pulled them together as a team. To get rid of the "dreariness" of the locker room, he had them focus on one thing to break there state of mind and that was to beat the Carolina Panthers.

Without a vision and plan teams and individuals flounder and perish. Crennel was able to unconsciously rewire these players. Knowing how much they love the game of football by playing it would be therapeutic for them and the community.

b. Resolve. When faced with any tragedy or distraction it takes resolve to focus on what you want. In this case, taking a team of men from mourning to warriors for at least the afternoon created a distraction from the pain of this event.

Crennel told the Chiefs to, "Remember the positive things about Belcher - how hard he played, how dedicated and passionate he was - and to try to honor those memories." This type of leadership creates a resolve and determination to play well for a purpose. When athletes enter into their purpose it makes it easy for them to enter the zone of peak performance.

If any of these are an issue, it makes sense to seek out a mental sports performance coach to help keep you in the game.

At Philly Hypnosis Sports Performance we help top NFL players and other athletes win the mental game of their sport to succeed by creating core confidence, the ability to release mistakes, the ability to focus on the correct thought for the moment and the ability to create a winning belief inside to produce "in the zone" results. We have helped hundreds of athletes jack up their game using The Stofka Method.

Visit Philly Hypnosis Sports Performance Psychology to see just how we can help you manage stress on competition/game day. For more information on Sports Performance Psychology for baseball, golf, basketball, football and more, call Todd Stofka at 1-877-557-7409 for a free half-hour consultation at one of our three office locations in the Philadelphia area or work with us at our custom virtual office via the net.

To book Todd now for interviews, speaking engagements, team or individual coaching, you can contact him at 877-557-7409.

To find out more on creating laser focus in competition, an unshakeable winning attitude, managing mistakes, recovering from injuries and more sports performance, visit:

Contact: Todd Stofka,, 877-557-7409


Contact: Todd Stofka,, 877-557-7409

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