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Barbara Schantz
4800 Whitesburg Dr
Huntsville, Alabama 35802

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Huntsville, Alabama, United States

12 Unique and Helpful Products for Children with Autism

Huntsville, AL -- Feb 03, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- April is National Autism Awareness Month and several different organizations and brands are doing their part to help raise awareness of autism and educate the public about autism. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every 88 children in America are identified on the autism spectrum, which is a ten-fold increase in the last 40 years. Children with autism sometimes have intellectual disabilities, difficulties in motor coordination and attention, and often other physical health issues. Some of these children need specialized products to help them with their development. Barbara Schantz, mom inventor of the Baby Dipper bowl that helps children with special needs, shares her list of unique products to help children with autism.

1. Baby Dipper Bowl 

The Baby Dipper bowl makes one-handed feeding of babies and toddlers easy for parents. It has also come to the aid of children with special needs or other self-feeding issues. Children can see through the transparent sides of the bowl and concentrate on getting the food onto their spoons and into their mouths. All users of the Baby Dipper feeding set avoid the frustrations of chasing the food around the bowl and the bowl around the table. Winner of this year's Huggies MomInspired Award! 



Baby Dipper  .jpg

2. Parking Pal Magnet

Place the Parking Pal on the side of your vehicle, where it will remain safely attached at all times. It was specifically designed with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm children love to place their hands on. After a couple learning sessions, your child will discover that the Parking Pal is their safe spot, and they will know where to go the second they are outside the car. It also helps teach them that parking lots are no place to play.



Parking Pal Magnet .png

3. Wrapeaze(TM)

Wrapeaze(TM) is a unique hooded wrap that envelopes your child in warmth quickly and easily -- with only one hand needed! No more wrestling with little arms and sleeves while you stand in a cold parking lot. Your child will love that their movement is unrestricted, and you can avoid tantrums and tears and save you precious minutes. There is no better way to fuse utility with style! Available for infants to adults.

$34.99 - $44.99



4. Sand Gone

Sand gone is a dry body powder that, when applied to sand covered skin, removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean. This product is great for children who are extremely sensitive to the texture of sand. It can be used for cleaning up after the beach, sand box, or playground. No more uncomfortable scratchy feeling under your clothing during the drive home from the beach.



Sand Gone.jpg

5. Buzzy

Buzzy is an award-winning reusable device used by children and adults alike to block pain. Originally intended to reduce needle pain during injections, Buzzy is now being used for everything from removing splinters to burns, eczema itching, botox and tattoos, tattoo removal and laser hair removal, tick removal and more. Buzzy's technology consists of a high frequency/low amplitude vibrating motor and a unique reusable wing-shaped ice pack for natural pain relief. It works by desensitizing the body's nerves and dulling sharp pains. Also available are Buzzy DistrACTION cards which can be used with Buzzy or on their own to help keep kids distracted and occupied whether at the doctor's office or a long trip in the car.

$39.95; $6.95 - $9.95



6. Hello-Beach Tote Bag

Hello Beach treasures totes are inspired by shell-collecting kids. Our darling beachcomber bags are perfect for collecting treasures or rocks along seaside (or lake), wash the shells and leave the sand behind. Children have an inbuilt drive for discovery. Our totes encourage creative exploration as well as promote activity and healthy development for kids to observe the world and to feel a sense of wonder for everything in it. This activity is suitable for Children with Autism, by enhancing your child's development through play. Collecting shells, rocks, sea glass, etc. helps with fine motor skills, focus and attention, cognitive development, sensory, social/pretend play, and more!



Hello beach.jpg

7. Eco Nuts 

One concern of many families with someone on the spectrum is the chemical exposure with traditional cleaners; many people with autism can be really sensitive to chemical fumes, fragrances, etc. 

Eco Nuts(R) Soap Nuts are a berry shell that naturally contains soap. The natural soap found in these berries is called saponin. Saponin is a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric, and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away.

Eco Nuts Soap Nuts are gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies and psoriasis. Because they are so mild, they are perfect for baby clothes and even cloth diapers. 

Our products don't contain any harsh chemicals and are certified USDA organic with 100% plant-based ingredients.  



Eco Nuts.jpg

8. Oops! Sheet(TM) and Oops! Undies

Oops! Sheet(TM) products are made of soft cotton, are waterproof and breathable, and machine washable. Keep your child's mattress dry with the Oops! It's a sheet that protects against the occasional mishaps. Oops! Undies are waterproof bamboo kids underwear that are ideal for light incontinence and can be worn in and out of bed. The best part is they look and feel just like regular underwear! 

$29.95 - $109.95


Oops! Sheet.jpg

9. SmartSeat Chair Protector

The SmartSeat Chair Protector is a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable cover made from soft-to-the-touch, toxin-free fabric. Protect from spills and stains and provide kids with a soft, smooth seating surface. The SmartSeat's patented design uses adjustable straps to securely fit chairs ranging from 18″ to 25″ wide. 




10. Lunchbox Love(R)

Lunchbox Love(R) for Kids are positive notes and fun trivia for your child's lunchbox, backpack, or binder. Share these positive messages with your kids to brighten their day and have a positive effect on their mental and physical health.



Lunchbox Love.jpg

11. Veggie Mama Garden Pops and Garden Jam 

Veggie Mama wants everyone to enjoy their veggies! After all, the best tasting ingredients are the ones that grow right out of the ground. That's why Veggie Mama's premium Garden Pops are made with natural, organic, and when possible, local ingredients, non-GMO ingredients, free of anything artificial, free of dairy and animal products, gluten free and DELICIOUS!



Veggie Mama.jpg

12. Antsy Pants(TM)

Antsy Pants(TM) are reusable pull-up diapers for full time diapering, potty training and overnight diapering. The diapers/training pants are for kids up to and over 30 pounds. They help teach potty skills with Wetting Feedback(TM) that keeps diapers feeling wet for around 7 minutes before they return to a dry feel on the surface. The top-quality, comfortable, leak-resistant and reusable pull-up diaper helps your child learn when it's time to go potty with no stressful accidents.



Antsy Pants.png 

Baby Dipper is proud to support National Autism Awareness Month coming up in April.

To schedule an interview with Barbara Schantz contact Tasha Mayberry, Director Public Relations, at pr@babydipper.com or call 207.317.6099. Baby Dipper is currently accepting new wholesalers.


Contact: Tasha Mayberry, pr@babydipper.com, 207.317.6099

Category: Childrens Related, Health
Word Count:1222
Weblinks: http://www.babydipper.com

Baby Dipper

The Baby Dipper Bowl for Easy One-Handed Feeding

Who Says A Bowl Has To Be Round?

The triangular-shaped Baby Dipper bowl enables one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding easy for toddlers.


  • Non-slip base

  • Contoured interior

  • Spoon-shaped lower corner

  • Colorful transparent sides

The Baby Dipper® Bowl makes mealtime a fun and clean experience for all!

Parents can use their free hand to clean or entertain baby or to keep baby’s hands out of the bowl while feeding baby.

Toddlers can see through the transparent sides of the bowl and concentrate on getting the food onto their spoons and into their mouths.

All users of the Baby Dipper feeding set avoid the frustrations of chasing the food around the bowl and the bowl around the table!

Our Story

The Story of the Baby Dipper Bowl

Hello! I’m Barbara Schantz, mom of twin girls, Greta and Cora, and mom of twin boys, Franklin and Carlton. As a stay-at-home mom of twin babies, I faced the daunting task of feeding them. Frustrated with the bowls I had already purchased, I researched and bought other bowls, but still remained disappointed. I needed a bowl that required only one hand to successfully feed a baby, but wasn’t able to find one on the market that satisfied this need. The vision for the Baby Dipper® bowl came to me when Cora and Greta were about 6 months old, not long after they started eating baby cereal and other pureed foods. After much learning and hard work, I was able to bring the Baby Dipper bowl to market so that others can enjoy true one-handed feeding. Thank you for visiting Baby Dipper’s web site!

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