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Create a Profile


The first step in joining MyPRGenie is to create your newsroom. The profile allows you to 'pitch your news' and quickly tell the world what makes you and your company great. The profile helps you showcase your company to the MyPRGenie network and increases your visibility across all the major search engines and websites.


Grow your Network


The second step is to build your network. Begin by inviting people you already know to join you on MyPRGenie. Then, grow your network by making connections with key influencers and reporters in the MyPRGenie Media Database based on beat, geography, industry, and more. Use the MyPRGenie Subnetwork if you need to group, target and communicate with certain subgroups within your network.


Market your Business


Third, begin marketing your business and building your presence by adding relevant content to your profile such as press releases, newsletters, white papers, photos, videos and more. Sharing your content with your network and key influencers, such as the reporters, bloggers and editors, is a great way to enhance your PR and increase your exposure to the world. Now anyone searching for you on the internet will be able to find your newsroom online, access all your news and announcements, contact you and join your network.


Why should I join MyPRGenie?

The answer is simple: To Publicize and Market Your Business. If you are looking to connect your business to your target audience, build your presence online, find new story opportunities, build relationships with key influencers and tell the world what makes you and your company great - then join MyPRGenie. MyPRGenie gives you access to over 500,000 global media contacts and empowers you to distribute your news and content to your target audience.

Is MyPRGenie Free?

Yes, it's FREE to register and use MyPRGenie. As a registered member, you can create an online newsroom, upload your press release and post your release to over 28 social media sites. To distribute your press release to the journalists database, you need to upgrade your account to the premium package.

How does MyPRGenie help
my business get exposure?

MyPRGenie provides many services to help drive traffic to your website. First, we allow you to access over 500,000 global media contacts. Second, our newsrooms are optimized for all the major search engines and websites. Your profile and all of the content you publish on MyPRGenie will be found when people search online for specific keywords. Third, as you add more content to your profile, you will grow your presence on both the MyPRGenie Network and online. Now when people search for you, you will have a larger presence online for people to find you and all the latest information and news about your company.

I am a member of Facebook
or LinkedIn? Why should I
join MyPRGenie?

MyPRGenie is the only social media-based, PR delivery platform designed for maximizing your PR.

MyPRGenie Vs. LinkedIn Vs. Facebook

MyPRGenie views both LinkedIn and Facebook as complementary. MyPRGenie differs from other networks in that: 1) our robust PR delivery platform is designed solely for PR and to help you market your business 2) we have a global database of over 500,000 global media contacts 3) our first-class customer support to help you maximize your PR.

Facebook is a great social network for sharing content with Friends, and keeping in touch with people you know. However, it is not designed for doing business.

LinkedIn is a professional HR social network. Linkedin is not designed for PR and does not allow you to share corporate content such as press releases, white papers and newsletters.