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Taren Pont, NSW -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- The MRCW has come up with a plan that could help women all over the world with many of the symptoms of Menopause and ease a lot of th...
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Taren Pont, NSW -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- The MRCW has come up with a plan that could help women all over the world with many of the symptoms of Menopause and ease a lot of the issues that many women encounter whilst going through Menopause.
The Menopause Resource Centre for Women are creating Counseling Services that are tailored specifically to the needs of Menopausal women and available in local suburban areas.

“It has become apparent that the majorities of women are not receiving the proper advice and help that they require, not only whilst they are going through Menopause, but also before they start Menopause,” says Heather Cameron, CEO of the MRCW.
“These Counseling Services would not only assist women with the symptoms and issues surrounding menopause but they would allow important data and statistics to be collated for research that could have a profound benefit to future generations of women.

“At present the statistics that we have are not as representational of the issues that Menopausal women are suffering due to the fact that even in the first instance many Menopausal women are not seeking help or advice with Menopause. In fact, many women just stumble through Menopause and are not receiving the correct advice or Counseling that is tailored specifically just for them as individuals.
“The MRCW wants this situation to change so that women will achieve the optimal care and counseling and not suffer in silence or ignorance of what is available to help with the symptoms of Menopause.
“The lack of Counseling Services needs to be addressed at once and we need to lobby our government to change this situation.”

Heather believes that “women have been denied the proper care for far too long.”
“These counseling services could be easily implemented in Standard Medical clinics that are already in existence in local suburban areas. The infrastructure is already in place.
“This exciting new venture would also ease the pressure that a lot of medical centres face when dealing with Menopausal Women. Women need guidance from Counselors who are trained in the symptoms of Menopause and who are empathetic to women who are suffering with the often-debilitating effects of Menopause.
The Team at the MRCW would welcome and suggestions or help from the general public to help them make Counseling Centres specifically designed for Menopausal women a reality.
Heather Cameron can be contacted at

The MRCW – We’re Here to Help
Menopause can be an extremely confronting and confusing time not only for women, but also for the people who care about them. It hasn’t been easy to find simple to understand, straightforward and comprehensive information about Menopause all in one place – until now. At the Menopause Resource Centre, we work really hard to make things easier for you, so that hopefully, in a relatively short period of time, you can know more about your options, so that you can be informed and feel more empowered.

Contact Details
Heather Cameron
Director and Chief Executive Officer
Address: P.O. Box 2133 Taren Pont 2229 NSW AUSTRALIA
Contact Number: 416577009
International Contact Number: +61 (0)416577009
ABN: 74627011399

Office Hours
Website Open 24 / 7
Call Centre Available
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday Closed
Public Holidays Closed

Singapore, London -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Singapore, London----Influencer healthcare authorities the largest being the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Commi...
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Singapore, London -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Singapore, London----Influencer healthcare authorities the largest being the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission are taking a cautious approach to regulating medical mobile apps. Most mobile apps or stand-alone software that run on mobile devices are considered as having low risk, and not subject to the full pre-market scrutiny required of conventional medical devices. The reason for keeping an arm's length to digital healthcare apps or software is to give breathing room for more innovation in this space. Despite this easement, it does not mean that healthcare apps are completely scot-free of the regulatory net. The infographics below illustrate factors that turn medical mobile apps into regulated medical devices.


1. When Mobile Apps Become Medical Devices


2. US FDA Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications


3. UK MHRA Guidance on Medical Device Stand-Alone Software Including Apps


4. EC Guidelines on the Qualification of Stand Alone Software used in Healthcare


Original article:

Company Overview :

About Semoegy Advisers & Ventures

A former CEO of a successful CRO startup in Singapore from 2003 to 2008, Dr. Nealda Yusof's experience in the medical technology sector spans 14 years.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- bodybuildo is extraordinary for its various grand favors mixed with the force of 100% whey protein. It helps your wellbeing st...
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Indore, Madhya Pradesh -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- bodybuildo is extraordinary for its various grand favors mixed with the force of 100% whey protein. It helps your wellbeing strong and decently created. Body Buildo ordinary conveyed to you its fabulous quality fineness at uncommon expense. This 100% whey protein issues all of you the vital amino acids required for muscle recuperation and tissue recovery.

Instructions to Use:-

  • Blend two tea spoons of Body Buildo with 250ml. of milk OR Water and take twice a day.
  • Shut the holder hard after every utilization.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
  • This item is not expected to diagnose, treat, cure or avoid and sickness.

biolif body buildo is a helpful item which will help to direct body weight, expand bulk and give a mixed bag of wellbeing and prosperity focal points. A number of the points of interest of Body Buildo are specifically related to its finished amino corrosive profile, that constructs it an astounding quality.

Strength-trained athletes who use amino acid powder may notice improved muscle recovery after strenuous weightlifting workouts, which is beneficial for competitive bodybuilders. Weightlifters who consumed branched-chain amino acid powders three weeks before and during high-intensity total-body resistance workouts experienced decreases in muscle damage and enhanced muscle recovery, according to a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

A main benefit for bodybuilders caused by improved muscle recovery, elevated testosterone levels, and increased growth hormone concentrations from taking amino acid powder is the ability to increase muscle mass. Strength-trained athletes who took amino acid supplements showed greater increases in muscle mass, muscle strength and power.

Brooklyn, NY; 31, March 2015: For beginner drivers, Drive Rite Academy now brings DMV approved 5 hour pre-licensing course to gain the necessary knowledge and learn the driving skills. This is a ki...
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Brooklyn, NY; 31, March 2015: For beginner drivers, Drive Rite Academy now brings DMV approved 5 hour pre-licensing course to gain the necessary knowledge and learn the driving skills. This is a kind of mandated classroom driving course that has been designed to educate beginners with the necessary driving proficiency for safe and risk-free driving on the road. With this formal training for new drivers, the driving school Brooklyn promotes safe, defensive and drug and alcohol free driving.

The Academy has experienced teachers who endeavor to provide the best of knowledge and guide students to become a responsible driver. The training covers a variety of topics, including driving within the highway transportation system. The teachers attend to the specific needs of the individual students and work hard to help them develop the required driver habits and skills. With view of the growing on-road accidents and the increasing on-road mortality rates, the 5 hour driving training could prove important for anyone to drive safely and avoid accidents.

The training importantly educates about feelings and attitudes that are important when a person has a vehicle steering in hand. It also teaches about the critical consequences of driving under the influence of drug, alcohol or other contrabands. While driving under the influence of alcohol is an offence, it can jeopardize the life of the driver and others on the road.

With this 5 hour course, the Brooklyn driving school prepares students for the road test. The candidates who successfully complete the course are awarded with a Pre-licensing Course Certificate (MV-278). Anyone who has the learners permit can enroll for the course and can learn the essential driving skills. Drive Rite Academy is offering the training program during the weekend and evening hours for the convenience and flexibility of the students. The formal training program is essential for the new drivers, and one can see the available training timings and can book a slot online by following the link

About Drive Rite Academy:

Drive Rite Academy offers an innovative approach to driving that focuses on a wide range of knowledge and skills that fully prepare students for independent driving. They offer proven driving teaching methods that are up to date and focus on relevant issues and risk factors that face drivers today. In addition to developing the standard skills of vehicle operation, they also customize each lesson to fit each individual student’s personality, issues and lifestyle.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: 718-928-7048

Chengdu, Sichuan -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Digiarty Software, a leading multimedia software provider, has revamped its top-selling product - WinX DVD Ripper, and renders it av...
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Chengdu, Sichuan -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Digiarty Software, a leading multimedia software provider, has revamped its top-selling product - WinX DVD Ripper, and renders it available to rip DVD The Theory of Everything to mainstream file formats and Apple Android Microsoft and other devices playable video formats on Windows (10) and Mac (OS X 10.10 Yosemite).

The Theory of Everything telling a story about the most famous astrophysicist of our time Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde is widely praised around the world and receives 25 wins and 88 nominations of various awards. At the 87th Academy Awards, Eddie Redmayne won “Best Actor” for his performance in The Theory of Everything. At the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, Redmayne won Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama and Jóhannsson won Best Original Score. Thanks to the DVD release of The Theory of Everything on February 17, 2015, movie lovers can enjoy this wonderful movie with perfect video audio quality at home. But to play The Theory of Everything DVD movie on portable devices, DVD owners still need a powerful DVD Ripper that can bypass both the old and new copy protection schemes.

At this time, Digiarty Software, a company always keeping pace with times, enhances its well-received DVD ripper, namely, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, to let it rip latest commercial DVDs locked by new encryption schemes, such as Oscar winners The Theory of Everything and Birdman, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, etc. According to the testing of Digiarty’s developers, professional reviewers and a host of users, this DVD ripper tool is capable of ripping DVD The Theory of Everything on Windows and Mac OS, including Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

This DVD ripper is available to rip The Theory of Everything DVD movie to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, H.264, M2TS, MKV and other common video formats. With the optimized presets, users can also directly rip this DVD movie to iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, Google New Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft WP8, Xbox, Surface Pro, Sony PSP, PS3, Xperia families, etc.

For quick start guide to rip DVD The Theory of Everything, please feel free to visit:

Pricing and Availability

Everyone is welcome to join in Digiarty 2015 Spring Super Promo to get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum at $29.95 only, regardless of its original price $59.95. Adding extra $10, users can make this DVD ripping software work well on 5 computers.

And Mac OS users can enjoy high discount at

About Digiarty Software Inc.

Digiarty Software, Inc. specializes in facilitating the playback of multimedia and backup of DVDs, based on Windows (up to 8.1), Mac OS X (up to 10.10.1) and iOS (up to 8.2). Its technology and applications bring great convenience to a broad range of groups, families and individuals. Its business scope covers DVD Rippers, Video Converters, DVD Author, DVD copy software, online video downloader, audio video player, multimedia streaming app and so on across Apple, Android, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony and other platforms or devices.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- The company primarily deals in engineering design and drafting services. The company has been serving its clients for more than a ...
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Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- The company primarily deals in engineering design and drafting services. The company has been serving its clients for more than a decade and has earned its goodwill for providing innovative and flawless services to its clients all over the world. The company is well-equipped with software, technology, infrastructure and qualified professional to cater the industry verticals. The key mission is to provide time bound, cost effective quality solutions to the clients and thus be a part of their success stories.

The company’s services include Tekla services, architecture modeling and visualization services. The key factor among all these services is flawless service at a highly affordable price.

The company has a considerable contribution in providing BIM services.BIM service includes 4D construction planning, architectural BIM, structural BIM, CAD outsourcing services. Special mention may be made of the architectural BIM modeling services which can be of immense benefit to the customer. The key benefits of the services include high accuracy, optimum use of the critical resources, preciseness and accuracy in the construction documents .It helps in the building lifecycle visualization and thus increases the efficiency of the client’s projects.

A major contribution of the company is in the field of CAD outsourcing services. The company provides high quality CAD outsourcing services at unbeatable price and provides round the clock services to fix issues and trouble shooting. The company implements the latest technology and its key mission is to assist the client to achieve profit and organizational growth. The company provides free trail services on all the said services so that the customers can have a prior idea of the service that they will be provided. For further details the customers can visit the company website at

About The Engineering Design:

The company provides high quality CAD and drafting services to the clients around the world. The major services include BIM Services, MEP Services, Mechanical Modeling and Analysis Services. The company can be said to be a veteran with considerable knowledge in the relevant field. The company takes pride in its team of innovative and creative professionals who are dedicated to serve the clients with quality services at an effective price.

Queensland, QLD -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Queensland, Australia : Steels are the most accepted and hugely accepted raw materials in at every sector. Generally steals and the a...
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Queensland, QLD -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Queensland, Australia : Steels are the most accepted and hugely accepted raw materials in at every sector. Generally steals and the aluminum is the materials those are have the highest demand in the market as these goods are having several utilities in terms of business as well as creating the set up as well. But to get the most eligible steels supplies with the appropriate quality is not an easy task to be chosen. There are some procedures those are being involved in considering the best equipments as stills. There are several companies involved in steel supplies Gladstone and almost everyone is demanding their product as the best what so ever. But what is actually best or what is actually able to be fulfilling your requirement is the ultimate thing to be considerable utilities. Here are some steps are being mentioned by the experts and according to them after considering these things properly hope people will be able to get the actual still supplies Gladstone. Let's check the steps accordingly.

Availability of the services: A proper still supplying organization mostly provides some mandatory services to their customers what so ever. And after analyzing their providing services categorically the people have to be judged whether the organization is able to provide the proper stills or not? Service those are having to be provided by every organization are laser cutting, Precision plate sawing, shearing, cutting, Band sawing. These are things that every reputated still supplies Gladstone has to be provided to their customers undoubtedly. If the organization fails to provide any one service out these that means the organization is unable to providing the services properly.

Checking of authenticity: while any organization is involving in steel supplies Gladstone then, they are bound to submit some authentic certificate to their customers. Those will be used as the evidence for the organization. Even sometimes organization provides its authenticity by providing the license number to their customers also. After checking the number proper the service grabber will be able to get the assurance about the authenticity of the organization.

The reputation of the organization: There are several organizations in Gladstone those are involved in dealing with the supplies of steels. And most the organizations are providing their services to the other organization nationwide. So before selecting any one, check its reputation and way of working thoroughly is essential. Actually, there are several organizations those are having the enough reputation in the market, but unable to provide proper steel supplies Gladstone to its customer. Then the situation can move down to the worst in the service grabbing organization whatsoever.

After getting the review and getting all the information from the market itself, it'll be easier for everybody to get the proper steel supplies Gladstone. In today's era you'll be able to get all the information through the net also. There are several steel suppliers are already registered their names into the online platform and providing all the information regarding their organization to promote themselves. But it's advisable kindly make your judgment after reviewing the existing customer review on the organizations and get some simple guidance from the experts.

Content Source :

Company Overview :

Steel Supplies Charters Towers are one of the leading Australian supplier of steel products. We always aim to provide high quality steel products to the farming community, our customers include cattle farmers, dairy farmers and any person or company that requires steel.

Birmingham, Michigan -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- We all need a house to stay in with our family and a right home is always on everyone’s hit list. Not everyone gets the opportun...
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Birmingham, Michigan -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- We all need a house to stay in with our family and a right home is always on everyone’s hit list. Not everyone gets the opportunity to build a home as per their own choices as majority of people these days buy ready to move in houses or a condominiums. Finding a reliable and a luxury home builder is not an easy task and it really makes it difficult for one to think where to start from. So, it needs a lot of research as well as right consultation before selecting the right builder to design and build your dream home. This decision is one of the most important decisions as your home is your biggest and valuable purchase of your life and you cannot afford to make any mistake and take risk in this.

You need to make sure that you choose the right home builder who has a name in the market and with excellent track record and moreover one should look into the quality of the work that the home builder can provide in your budget. Your house is one of the most valuable as well as warm possession for you and almost everyone builds this no more than once and puts his/her entire savings to make his dream home the best place on earth.

People make sure that they chose the best builder so that they get their dream home built in the best manner and they do not have to compromise on anything. There are many professional and big names in the market when it comes to home design and building and Luxe Home Design Build is now new to many ears. They are known for their quality, commitment, professionalism and timely delivery of their projects whatever the case is and thus are a big name in the market.

Luxe Homes Design Build [LUXE] are known to be one of the best builders who represent the highest quality of designs and creativity in luxury home building. With great team of expert and creative designers their each design is distinct and reflects the best form of imaginative creativity and combination of artistic cult as well as high-quality craftsmanship. Each and every project designed by LUXE is known for its great finishing and one can feel the difference of touch and class which is the result of an experience of an expert builder and no one else may offer the same.

They are a big name in custom home builders bloomfield hills mi and focus on high-end and luxury home constructions and design. With a complete understanding of client requirement they with their team of expert’s delivery high quality construction services which the home owner can relish and vouch for the rest of their life. With their belief in every project that a home should reflect excitement, joy and pleasure each and every project is designed and delivered with the same commitment and this is what makes them distinct and a sheer joy for the clients they work for. So, if you are looking to get your dream home designed and built visit and see for yourself what it makes to be with a brand like this.

Calgary, Alberta -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Everyone these days is much concerned about their health and this is because of the reason that knowingly or unknowingly due to hect...
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Calgary, Alberta -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Everyone these days is much concerned about their health and this is because of the reason that knowingly or unknowingly due to hectic lifestyle people have ignored their health a lot. Now, for almost everyone health has become a top most priority and they have realised in longer run if they have to keep going the first and the most important thing that should be right is their health. In today’s time if we look around we can find so many people having different types of health issues and most commonly is the weight issue. We do not have any difficulty in finding any obese person these days as we have many in our own family and friend circle and may be even us why to go far? Because of hectic and busy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits majority of people are suffering from obesity and this has become a big problem these days. When it comes to physical activity or exercise it has become either bare minimum as people even to go to a grocery store or a nearby place need their cars and cannot walk down. When this would be the scenario certainly these health issues would be a common sight.

Not everyone can afford to work out and join gymnasiums or health clubs as either they lack the will power or time to be regular. Few who start it give up after few days or weeks and thus the problem remains the same. However this needs a solution and for those who cannot burn few calories everyday by indulging into work outs or doing some kind of physical activity medical science has come up with different products and innovative ways. These products are one of the great results of science and help people in fighting the obesity issue without getting into physical workout or anything.

HCG [Human Chorionic Gonadoprtopin] is the new wonder drug or the product which is a miracle for many and this one may authenticate through the reviews online about this product. This hormone is capable of controlling and triggering response from the brain centre. This brain centre with the usage of this hormone suppresses hunger and accelerates the fat burning process in our body and thus resulting into greater and faster fat loss. HCG Diet Canada is a diet plan that consists of HCG drops which one can place under their tongue along with a specific diet. This combination of HCG drops with low calorie diet works results into weight loss. Since with this you do not feel hungry much and thus it regulates your weight.

One may check different reviews and even consult a professional health consultant or a doctor prior to its usage so as to ensure that you are perfectly safe. You may order HCG in Canada online through and it is readily available in 27 days diet plan and 40 days diet plan. The product gets shipped out within 2 days worldwide and can be tracked online and one may order it using different cards. 

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new MS 595 and MS 695 tampers range to ...
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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new MS 595 and MS 695 tampers range to address productivity and maneuverability challenges in compaction tasks. The new range, its most compact and lightweight range of tampers in its 100 year history, provides users with powerful, highly maneuverable tampers plus, the addition of a new 6” plate model, alongside the 9 and 11” models, allows for work to be carried out in smaller, more enclosed spaces, providing greater comfort and productivity.

With a forward-leaning design, the MS 595 and MS 695 offer superior control of the tamper, allowing users to walk-behind while the momentum carries the tamper forward. Additional features such as the easy-access control lever enable the operator to switch to idle with just one hand. The compact, slim line design make the new tampers ideal for narrow trench work with the ability to tightly move around objects.

We have designed our new tampers range to provide enhanced efficiency whilst still keeping the tried and tested, rugged reliability people expect from CP says Andrzej Mrozi?ski, product manager at Chicago Pneumatic. “Despite incorporating a more powerful engine the lightweight tampers are easy to transport whilst the reduction in noise and the ergonomic design provide additional comfort and safety.”

The tampers are equipped with new 4-stroke Honda GXR 120 engines offering improved fuel consumption and fewer HC (Hydro Carbon) and NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) emissions. The engines offer 3.5 hp (horse power) and have been specifically designed for the new tampers range to ensure maximum power to perform in even the toughest environments. Thanks to the installation of a brand new muffler and the overhead camshaft design, noise levels have also been reduced.


epc world news

Oakland, CA 94619 -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Oakland, CA, USA, March 31, 2015 -- Since its conception through hard work and dedication Tasty Vapor has built a reputation for it...
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Oakland, CA 94619 -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- Oakland, CA, USA, March 31, 2015 -- Since its conception through hard work and dedication Tasty Vapor has built a reputation for its brand of unique, exquisite and sought after e-liquids. E-Liquids which are custom mixed in accordance to the preferences of Tasty Vapor's customers. This formula of success wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the feedback, recommendations and ardent support of the company's clients.

Recognizing the importance and solidness of the Tasty Vapor's community has been gratifying. Catering to the exquisite tastes and demands of this community has both been a privilege and challenge, which Tasty Vapor rose to meet.

In recognition to the support and loyalty of the loyal customers of the company Tasty Vapor is giving away three $100 Vape Packs. Tasty Vapor's "Sweepstakes" are open only to those who sign up at the online "Sweepstakes page", who are 18 as of the date of entry and are legal residents of the USA.

Entries for the Sweepstakes will be accepted online starting on or about 10:00 a.m. PST on March 18, 2015 and ending March 30, 2015. All online entries must be received by March 30, 2015 10:00 a.m. PST.

For more information visit:

About Tasty Vapor:
Tasty Vapor is a company built on the principles of integrity, goodwill, transparency and honesty. The tremendous success of the company is due to a lot of dedication, the hard work of the employees and the loyalty of the customers who share the common value of desire to improve their lives by switching to PVs.

The company is a completely family owned business, owned by husband and wife Geoff and Ramilya Braithwaite. Tasty Vapor's mission is to bring satisfaction to all vapers who consider themselves vapor connoisseurs, by providing the most consistent, premium quality E-Liquids available on the market today.

Inspired by pastry chefs, designed by chemists and created with the love of all that is delicious; Tasty Vapor's sole purpose is to provide the best vaping experience for people who are ready to change their lives.

About Tasty Vapor's Products:
Tasty Vapor offers completely customized vaping experience, mixed on the spot in their facilities, situated in Oakland, California – "the bright side of the Bay". The company takes pride in its signature consistency, quality and originality.

Every customer is special and chooses his/hers own nicotine milligram levels, sweetener, PG/VG rations and flavors depending on his/hers preferences. The order is then mixed in an OSHA regulated clean-lab. Every flavoring, and all propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin used by Tasty Vapor is certified USP grade and the only nicotine used in the creation of the e-liquid is pharmaceutical grade.

Nick Gramatikov
1017 22nd Ave #110
Oakland, CA 94619

Walnut, CA -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- If you are in California and are in need of Golf Club wedges, Monark Golf should be your first stop for reliable quality and the best pric...
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Walnut, CA -- Mar 31, 2015 / ( -- If you are in California and are in need of Golf Club wedges, Monark Golf should be your first stop for reliable quality and the best price. The products range from custom-built clubs to all kinds of golf club components and even pre-assembled clubs all at very competitive prices. All the products are ISI Quality Certified and therefore no compromise on quality what so ever.

Los Angeles, CA    
The company incorporated in 1998 is primarily into manufacturing custom built clubs and other golf components. They are family owned and ship your products taking good care of the products till they reach you. The specialisation lies in manufacturing of custom built left handed club heads which is one of the largest in the golf industry.

Each and every component of a golf club is unique and important and golf wedges are one such part. They need a separate mention because they are irons of special quality. These wedges are also known as “scoring clubs” since the focus is exactness when trying to hit a shot which is close to the flagstick.

For a beginner the pitching wedge is all that matters and the gap and lob wedges are for professionals whereas sand wedges are equally important for all. The appropriate time to use these wedges depends upon the yardage of your shot and when you need to move the ball from over the tree, the wedge comes handy. Any wedge can be used to chip around the green lush fields.

Monark Golf provides superior -quality clone golf wedges of most accepted pro line styles at an affordable price. Their trendy clone golf wedge heads will suit your pocket and style both and are therefore an excellent choice.

Monark partners with the top manufacturers like Aldila, Golf Pride, Grafalloy, Lamkin, and True Temper, US to maintain the best quality standards. The customer service is one of the finest. The operators are lively and friendly to assist you with all required information pre and post order with similar dedication.

Their USP is the convenience of a one-stop supplier of all the entire range of popular golf products. The huge collection of branded and non-branded products is dispatched from their own inventory which is again an added advantage.

Contact Information: Monark Golf Supply Inc, P.O. Box 1263, Walnut, CA 91788-1263, U.S.A., and Sales Toll Free: (877) 551 – 4653, Tel.: (909) 598 – 5443, Fax: (909) 598 – 5444, email:,, and website:

// new HelloBar(49688,120490);

MyPRGenie Web Distribution

MyPRGenie Web Distribution allows you to target over 250 websites, databases and online service globally. Below is a partial list of the sites to which MyPRGenie Web Distribution sends member news.

  • Newsday
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Below is a Small Sample of Accesswire Distribution

    Major Newspapers
  • USA Today
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  • KMPH-TV FOX-26 (Fresno, CA)
  • KNOE-TV CBS-8 (Monroe, LA)
  • KOTA ABC-3 (Rapid City, SD)
  • KOTV-TV CBS-6 (Tulsa, OK)
  • KPLC NBC-7 (Lake Charles-Lafayette, LA)
  • KPTH-TV FOX-44 (Dakota Dunes, SD)
  • KPTM-TV FOX-42 (Omaha, NE)
  • KQCW CW-12/19 (Tulsa, OK)
  • KRHD-TV ABC-40 (Bryan-College St, TX)
  • KSFY-TV ABC-13 (Sioux Falls, SD

  • KSLA CBS-12 (Shreveport, LA)
  • KSWO-TV ABC-7 (Lawton, OK)
  • KSWT-TV CBS-13 (Yuma, AZ)
  • KTEN NBC-10 (Denison, TX)
  • KTIV NBC-4 (Sioux City, IA)
  • KTRE ABC-9 (Lufkin, TX)
  • KTRK-TV Houston
  • KTRV-TV FOX-12 (Nampa, ID)
  • KTTC NBC-10 (Rochester, MN)
  • KTUL-TV ABC-8 (Tulsa, OK)
  • KTVG-TV FOX-17
  • KSNB-TV FOX-4 (Kearney, NE)
  • KTVN-TV CBS-2 (Reno, NV)
  • KUAM-TV NBC-8 (Hagatna, Guam)
  • KUTV 2News Utah
  • KWES-TV NBC-9 (Midland, TX)
  • KWQC NBC-6 (Davenport, IA)
  • KWTV-TV CBS-9 (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • KWWL-TV NBC-7 (Waterloo, IA)
  • KXLT FOX-47 (Rochester, MN)
  • KXVO-TV CW-15 (Omaha, NE)
  • KXXV-TV ABC-25 (Waco, TX)
  • KYTX CBS-19 (Tyler, TX)
  • WABC-TV (New York City)
  • WAFB CBS-9 (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • WAFF NBC-48 (Huntsville, AL)
  • WALB NBC-10 (Albany, GA)
  • WAND-TV NBC-17 (Decatur, IL)
  • WAOW-TV ABC-9 (Wausau, WI)
  • WAVE NBC-3 (Louisville, KY)
  • WBAY ABC-2 (Green Bay, WI)
  • WBCB-TV CW-21 (Youngstown, OH)
  • WBMA-TV ABC-33 (Birmingham, AL)
  • WBOC CBS-16 (Salisbury, MD)
  • WBRC-TV FOX-6 (Birmingham, AL)
  • WBTV CBS-3 (Charlotte, NC)
  • WBZ-TV (Boston)
  • WCAX CBS-3 (Burlington, VT)
  • WCBS-TV (New York City)
  • WCCO WLNS CBS-6 (Lansing, MI)
  • WCIV-TV ABC-4 (Charleston, SC)
  • WCSC CBS-5 (Charleston, SC)
  • WCWG-TV CW-20 (Greensboro, NC)
  • WDAM NBC-7 (Hattiesburg-Laurel, MS)
  • WDRB FOX-41 (Louisville, KY)
  • WECT NBC-6 (Wilmington, NC)

  • WFFF-TV FOX-44 (Colchester, VT)
  • WFIE NBC-14 (Evansville, IN)
  • WFLX FOX-29 (West Palm Beach, FL)
  • WFMJ-TV NBC-21 (Youngstown, OH)
  • WFXG-TV FOX-54 (Augusta, GA)
  • WGEM-TV NBC-10 (Quincy, IL)
  • WGFL-TV CBS-4 (Gainesville, FL)
  • WGGB-TV FOX-6 (Springfield, MA)
  • WHBF CBS-4 (Rock Island, IL)
  • WHTM-TV ABC-27 (Harrisburg, PA)
  • WISTV NBC-10 (Columbia, SC)
  • WKOW-TV ABC-27 (Madison, WI)
  • WKRN ABC-2 (Nashville, TN)
  • WLBT NBC-3 (Jackson, MS)
  • WLNE-TV ABC-6 (Providence, RI)
  • WLOX ABC-13 (Biloxi, MS)
  • WLS-TV Chicago
  • WMBF NBC-32 (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • WMC NBC-5 (Memphis, TN)
  • WOI ABC-5 (West Des Moines, IA)
  • WOIO CBS-19 (Cleveland, OH)
  • WQOW-TV ABC-18 (Eau Claire, WI)
  • WRCB-TV NBC-3 (Chattanooga, TN)
  • WREX-TV NBC-13 (Rockford, IL)
  • WRIC ABC-8 (Richmond, VA)
  • WSET-TV ABC-13 (Lynchburg, VA)
  • WSFA NBC-12 (Montgomery, AL)
  • WSFX-TV FOX-26 (Wilmington, NC)
  • WSJV-TV FOX-28 (South Bend, IN)
  • WTEN ABC-10 (Albany, NY)
  • WTHR NBC-13 (Indianapolis, IN)
  • WTNZ FOX-43 (Knoxville, TN)
  • WTOC CBS-11 (Savannah, GA)
  • WTOL CBS-11 (Toledo, OH)
  • WTVF-TV CBS-5 (Nashville, TN)
  • WTVM ABC-9 (Columbus, GA)
  • WUPV-TV CW-65 (Ashland, VA)
  • WVNY-TV ABC-22 (Colchester, VT)
  • WVVA NBC-6 (Bluefield, WV)
  • WWBT NBC-12 (Richmond, VA)
  • WXIX FOX-19 (Cincinnati, OH)
  • WXOW ABC-19 (La Crosse, WI)
  • WXTX-TV FOX-54 (Columbus, GA)
  • WXVT-TV CBS-15 (Greenville, MS)
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