"MyPRGenie is more than just a PR platform - it's the answer to the modern day PR professionals' news distribution headaches, making campaign executions simple and flawless. At the click of a button, I can distribute the news I want, to the audience I want, at the exact date and time I want. That same news is pushed to my social media and emailed to my list of top journalists. The most awesome part is all of that can be tracked, instantly."
Janice Chan
Manager PR, Shuttle Computer
"Please thank Arif (MyPRGenie Customer Support) again for me. I am extremely impressed with MyPRGenie. P.S. I write a blog, "The Importance of Earnest Service," blog.jmbyington.com. Service is a passion of mine. MyPRGenie belongs in the top ranks."
Jeanne-Marie Byington
President, JM Byington & Associates, Inc.
"MYPRGENIE has simplified the PR landscape for us by delivering an integrated platform that empowers companies like ours to manage our public relations activities from traditional communications to social media. We have been using MyPRGenie since 2007."
Aitor Uria
Head of Marketing & Communication, Tradingscreen
"MyPRGenie takes the best of what an outsourced PR firm can do and combines it with total in-house control with no limits and a fixed cost. With the ability to deliver our news at the same time to our internal lists, in addition to all the great media contacts that MyPRGenie delivers it creates a perfect storm of cost savings and a good investment. Live (yes live!) support is top tier also."
Sean Stead
Director of Marketing and Business Development, NTI Corporation
"MyPRGenie is a great tool. It's easy to use, gives you lots of options for distribution of your content, and the support is fast and truy responsive and helpful."
David Reich
CEO, Reich Communications
"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get results with MyPRGenie. Two days after I sent out a press release I was contacted by Wall Street Journal Radio to do an interview on social media for their Small Business Report. (Here's a link http://podcast.mktw.net/wsj/audio/20090615/pod-wsjsmbz/pod-wsjsmbz.mp3 to the podcast.) MyPRGenie is an easy to use yet extremely powerful tool for spreading the word about my business. I recommend it to every business owner!"
Carmina Pérez
Social Media Marketing Consultant, Carmina Pérez
"MyPRGenie gives us the flexibility of reaching just the media we want to target, with a flexible platform that is cost-effective and functional."
Dave Arland
President, Arland Communications
"OK, now I'm REALLY impressed. 23 minutes after the release moved on your service, and a Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst reaches out for a briefing? Wow. The last time that happened to me (a Gartner VP calling my company before I contacted them) was 1997."
Deb McAlister-Holland
PR and Marketing Pro with Over 20 years experience
" I love the functionality of your site; it is clean and user-friendly, and ultimately answers my PR needs in the most obliging and effective manner. not only providing me with the distribution channel but also analytics to back it up."
Nicolas Villalobos
Head of Global Marketing, Mushkin Inc.
"We here at D3 Reaction post hundreds of press releases for clients every year. We've recently started using myprgenie and, in our experience, we have not found a company that does a better job for the money. The services are exemplary, the distribution is fantastic and their pricing is extremely competitive."
Nicolas Villalobos
Founder D3 Reaction Inc.
"We started using MyPRGenie. Sent out our first one release on 10/22 and got over 10% of recipients (65000+ media contacts) to open/view the email/press release. Also got a bunch of review requests and 3 radio interview (2 Radio Australia, 1 BBC Manchester)!"
Little Mandarin
Founder of LittleMandarin
MyPRGenie is by far the best public relations and marketing tool for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large businesses. I have used MyPRGenie in a corporate position and just last week we got four media interview requests and two new client meetings as a result of ONE press release we sent. I also use MyPRGenie for my side business - a marketing and PR firm. The platform is ideal and is by far my best choice (I've tried Cision and My Media Info in the past). The main reasons why I love MyPRGenie the most and would recommend anyone who wants to grow their business to make the investment are:
  • It's affordable and you can pay by the month. Most other places want at least 6 months to the entire year in advance and charge thousands of dollars. As a shoestring or start-up business this is usually difficult.
  • The data is up to date.
  • The entire platform is extremely easy to use even if you are not computer savvy.
  • MyPRGenie does an excellent job at tying in SEO and Social Media...and even Blogging! All very important parts of any marketing and PR strategy.
  • Excellent customer support. I am able to email MyPRGenie anytime or use their awesome chat feature - weekdays, weekends, nights...they are always there to help!
  • Ability to create unlimited branded newsrooms. Allows you to keep all your press releases in one area and if you have more than one company, you can easily segregate and manage everything from one account.
  • Excellent ROI: Every time I send out a press release, we get media responses for interviews on TV, Radio, Magazines, and more. Some outlets that I have recently gotten clients in are In Touch Weekly, Fox - CT Now TV, Better CT TV, Sirius Radion multiple times, The Mary Jones Show, NBC multiple times, Good Morning America, and many more. Each interview we get results in more Facebook fans, more sales, and more connections!

Overall, MyPRGenie is awesome and the investment definitely pays off. The best way to grow your business and create a credible and well-known reputation, is to get picked up by the media. Try it and you will love it!

Tasha Mayberry
Vice President of Corporate Compensation Plans and CEO of Social Media 22 Web Design and Marketing