Introducing the MyPRGenie Inner Circle Beta Program

MyPRGenie Beta Launches The PR Industry's First Crowdsourcing Media Platform to Provide the Most Up-To Date Media Database

We are currently looking for PR professionals and companies to participate in our crowdsourcing beta program. Crowdsourced databases aren't new – the sales and direct marketing industries have relied on them for years, and it’s been proven that they are among the most accurate and valuable ways to find new contacts for company messages. It’s a new idea for the PR industry idea, and it benefits the whole industry.
What's in it for beta users: What's in it for all MyPRGenie users:
  • As a beta user, you will be the first to preview and use the new platform where you can share your media contacts to earn points.
  • The first 100 users to sign up for the MyPRGenie Crowdsourcing Beta Program, get 10 FREE MyPRGenie web distributions (a $400 value) for participating.
  • Points earned for your media contacts can be redeemed for access to contacts provided by other users.
  • Access to up-to-date, accurate information validated by your peers.
  • More accurate information, as PR people update or correct contact information long before a research team could do so.
  • A rating system that lets users identify problems in the database, so we can quickly update records.
  • Automated opt-out system for media contacts who don’t want to be contacted.
  • MyPRGenie will automatically delete email addresses after a hard bounce, and ensure that contacts who have unsubscribed cannot be added back into the system.
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