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Press Release Template

In today's global market, a press release is one of the best marketing tools available to companies and businesses. Press releases now are usually created following a standardized format. Even a very well written copy sometimes can't have the desired effect if it does not follow the right format. If there are any of the basic elements of the press release missing from the template, the journalists, bloggers and media outlets can find it hard to get all the information they need to write a news story based on that press release. This, of course, is not good news for the company issuing the press release. The aim of a press release template is to help people create effective press releases. 

Some websites offer software programs that can help you create press releases. They have a built-in system that can auto-arrange the information you enter so that you end up with a press release in the proper format. They also help you identify important keywords so that you can generate maximum spotlight for your online press release from search engines. Some press release distribution services even offer forms that you can fill out in order to create a press release. These forms are a great way to ensure that all the important elements of the press release are in place. 


Here is a general press release template that works in most situations: 





DATELINE (City, State/Country, Date) – 






The Headline of the press release should be interesting so that it grabs the attention of the reader. The subheading explains the main headline within one or two lines. 

The subheading is followed by the main body of the press release. In the first paragraph you should give a summary of the press release. Who, what, when, why, where and how should be mentioned here. The next few paragraphs will give details of the information you want to distribute. 

Last paragraph will give some background information about the company issuing the press release.

The press release ends with the contact info of someone from the company that is issuing the press release. The contact info should include name of the contact person, company name, contact number, fax number: e-mail address and website url.