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Media database

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To make your press release most effective you not only need to know people in the right places you also need to know how to get their interest. For this reason you need to write a good press release. If you are using your own media contacts, then make sure the list stays updated. Most of the time journalists keep switching from one newspaper to the other. So always make sure that you have the contact of the current journalist in that specific news media. You don’t need to worry about this issue with PR platforms as it’s their job to keep the media database updated. 

Whenever we talk about press release distribution the importance of a media database cannot be undermined. A press release loses its value if it does not reach the right people at the proper time. The press release can have a greater impact if it is sent to a few correct journalists rather than sent to hundred irrelevant people. A planned and targeted campaign is always more fruitful.

A media database is a list of media contacts that you can send your press releases to. It can include journalists, editors, anchors and reporters. Many people and organizations compile their own personal media database and directly send the press release to them. This was a very commonly used practice before the internet. These days the world has turned into a global village and people can easily access the global media through the internet. The media database that organizations had compiled was usually through personal contacts and close to their geographical location. These media database were not that effective for publicity on the global scale.

Keeping in view the demand for globalized media database many PR platforms started compile the list of journalist and media personal from all over the world. Now many PR platforms have compiled their own media database. These platforms offer the customers access to their database and charge them for it. This way the company or organization can be confident that their press release will be circulated throughout the world.

Some PR platforms like MyPRGenie offer their customers to make their own list from the media database provided to them. These lists can be according to various specifications like language, country, city, interest, beat and topic. Taking advantage of this facility now the customers can specifically send the press release to a select group of journalists and enjoy maximum benefits. MyPRGenie offers you access to over five hundred and forty thousand journalists from all over the world.

Media database not only help companies and organizations they are highly appreciated by journalists. Journalists like to be added to the media database of PR platforms so that any press release that is related to them can directly be sent to them via email. This saves the journalists time, rather than spending time looking for news he can spend it on research about the specific press release.