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How to Submit a Press Release to Google?

Online press releases are the best way to get free publicity. When you search the web you will find many PR platforms that can help you in the press release distribution. These sites offer many different services both paid and free. If you want to submit a press release directly to Google so that it appears on Google News, you will have to become a Google news provider. All you need to do is submit an online form that contains your contact information, URL and nature of the press release. Even if your press release meets all the requirements there is no surety it will definitely be published, remember that Google reserves the right to include or discard any news it chooses.

To submit a press release to Google, visit On this webpage, navigate to the bottom and find ‘Help’ tap. Click on ‘Help’ to open the Google News Help page. On this page you will find many options click ‘Suggest news content,’ it is situated under ‘Email us.’ This will open a new page with questions and answers, click on the yes or no options to answer these questions. The questions will be regarding the press release. These questions also indicate that Google News only considers news attachments of a mobile site, YouTube or a website. If the press release already does on appear on any one of these formats then Google News will not consider it for publication.  

After you have filled out the yes or no options you will be asked to fill out general information about the press release, this also includes your URL. Then you will be asked about your location, the city, state/ Province and country. Next the information about the website where the press release is already posted will be submitted.  After entering the URL remember to check the ‘Press Release’ option. The last section will be your contact information, name, email address, etc. Recheck all the information that you have entered and then submit the form. The ‘Submit’ tab is located at the bottom of the page.

Once you have submitted the press release then you will wait for the Google representative to contact you via email. The representative will let you know if the press release has been approved by Google News or not.