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How to Make a Press Release Packet?

A press release packet can be very useful when promoting a product or a service and is used by a vast majority of companies, organizations and businesses. Press release packets can be used to offer information to customers, media outlets, clients as well as investors. You need to give a lot of thought to what should be included in the press release packet so that it will help you get visibility for your company or brand.

For people looking to create and distribute a press release packet that will create public awareness for their products and help them promote their company, here are some ideas:

The first step is to identify the target audience for the press release packet. Is the press release packet for the media, potential investors, board of trustees or donors? Once you have identified your target audience, it will become easy for you to choose the information that you want to include in the press release packet.

If you have any brochures, pamphlets or some other promotional material for your company, you can add it to the press release packet. Information about each of your products or services should also be added to the press release packet. 

If you have any recently released press releases, such as press releases about a new business acquisition, grand opening, product offering or leadership change, you can add them to the press release packet. The packet should also contain background information about the company. 

If you're planning to send the press release packet to journalists and media outlets, along with a press release you want to distribute, the press release should be clearly marked as such.  

Keep in mind that while common press releases are sent to a wide audience, a press release packet is sent only to targeted audience with specific goals in mind. Sending the press release packet to every journalist and media outlet in the area is a waste of resources. It should be sent only to the journalists and media outlets that are interested in the topic and are likely to write about it. 

It is usually recommended that the information in the press release packet be printed on high quality paper with organization’s letter head on it. This helps in giving the packet an official and professional look. In case your organization does not have letter heads, you can color print the information on good quality paper along with logo and contact information.

Use a binder or a folder to enclose the press release packet. Do not fold the papers, as it forms winkles that spoil the presentation. When arranging the material place the most important information on top or in the beginning of the folder followed by less important information. If possible, use a folder that has a pocket in the front where you can place your card, so that the folder can easily be identified.

Make sure that your mailing list is up to date, as individuals and businesses may have changed their addresses. Once the packet is sent you should regularly check your mail to see if anyone has responded or has any further queries.