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High Tech News Press Release

High tech news press releases are mostly about all the latest technological advances. These can be in electronics, engineering, pharmaceutical or any other field. A high tech news press release is usually addressed to a specific target audience. There are some press release platforms that only work to distribute high tech news press releases. A major issue with these services is they more or less completely miss the general public and only target the media outlets that are dedicated to this type of news.  

It is always better to use a general press release platform for the distribution of high tech news press releases. The major reason for this is that a general press release platform will not only distribute your press release to the media outlets related to technology, but also help you reach the general masses. Before you start the distribution process of any high tech news press release you have to write it. It is a known fact that a well written press release is most important. When writing the press release you need to make sure that you pay extra attention to the title of the press release if the title is not attractive your press release will not see the light of day. The title needs to be the crux of the press release. Keep it simple don’t try to give it to much hype. The body of the press release needs to contain the news information. It is always better to arrange the information in inverted pyramid form. To make it easy to scan you can use bullets. Keep the press release short and to the point. Try keeping the language simple; do not use too many technical jargons.

Once the press release is written you can start the distribution process. By searching the World Wide Web you can find hundreds of platforms that are offering press release distribution services. Here you will have to choose the service that is best suited for the distribution of your high tech news press release. The press release distribution services can be paid or completely free depending on your needs. One of the best press release distribution platforms that offer a combination of both paid and free services is MyPRGenie. Through this platform you can simultaneously send the high tech news press release to search engines, news wires, tech blogs, social media networks, RSS feeds and other news related websites. If you like you can also send the high tech press release directly to journalists through the media database; MyPRGenie has over five hundred and forty thousand journalists worldwide. You can choose the journalists according to country, city, language, beat, topic and interest. This enables you to directly send the press release to the journalists ideal for your press release.