Search Engine and Social Media Optimization, Turning Buzz into Leads

  • Software Press Release

    The world of today has developed by leaps and bounds, the world which once was is in total negative of the world that is today. Gone are the analog day's, almost each and every thing has become digital, be it money or be it a business every thing has been computerized. We humans heavily rely on computers and in turn computers rely on softwares. Hence over the years the software industry has grown immensely, with each passing day new software is developed, hence there is a need for people to be informed of the latest developments in the software world. 

    Which is why software industries need to come up with marketing strategies which are fast economical and efficient....

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  • Create a Press Release

    Since the dawn of modern times, the one business that has never reached any low is the marketing business. No matter what the business, whether small or large, they all need to form marketing strategies. With the passage of time, the need for marketing has remained the same but the strategies have become different. The business world of today has become one big rat race, the competition has become intense and the entire scene has become fast paced. Which is why companies need to form fast, efficient and effective marketing strategies that too in an economical fashion.

    The best way to come about this issue is by incorporation of Press Releases in to one's marketing strategy, as they...

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  • Submit a Medical Press Release

    Over the last 3 decades or so, humans have developed by leaps and bounds, but all this development has come with a price tag. With this development, humanity has been plagued by new diseases like SARS, Bird flue, Dengue and a lot more. Therefore, various efforts are being put in by medical experts all around the globe, to find cures, hence medical technology has also grown beyond imagination. Various machines, medicine, therapies have been invented to make the world a better place, a safer place and a healthier place.

    So with all these advancement it is imperative to keep the people aware of all the headways made in this field, so that each and every one of us...

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  • Submit a Technology Press Release

    In the last century or so the world has developed by leaps and bounds, hence this can easily be stated to be the age of technology, where the world 100 years ago is not in the same vicinity as to what the world of today is . Technology has developed by leaps and bounds, what Jules Vernes once wrote has become a reality, with each passing day there are new developments, each passing day broadens our horizon setting new boundaries, accomplishing new feats and coming up with new achievements and new inventions, keeping the track of which at times seems to be impossible. Hence the technology industry needs to ensure that their product or new development does not remain...

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  • Submit SEO Press Release

    In this modern time, the world has gone digital, gone are the analog days. This digitalization has made the world an even smaller place, where within a blink of an eye we can send information, receive information, this can be called the age of learning, we can be termed as the “know it all” generation.

    This change is so, largely because of the Internet, which has become the primary hub of information. Hence it is of the essence that one should use the World Wide Web to their advantage if they wish to prosper in the business world of today which has become one big rat race.

    One way of doing so is by being constantly in...

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  • Online Marketing and Social Media

    The marketing world of today is extremely dynamic, the rise of the internet gave birth to online marketing.  The term online marketing means to market yourself on various websites , channels etc. promoting yourself, this is fast becoming an integral and for some the primary technique of marketing strategies. This is so because the internet has now become the primary hub of information, where each day millions of people visit and surf the net browsing for information , hence marketing yourself on such a platform has become increasingly effective as well as economical.

    Online marketing is more effective and economical than the conventional methods because it has a longer life, along with that it is visible to a...

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  • Social Media Press Release

    For marketing purposes, Facebook alone can be considered the third largest country in the world, with a population of well over 750 million people. Just like the real world, people in this country are organized in vibrant, interconnected communities. As far as a product or a service is concerned, they are just as likely, if not more so, to talk about it to one another whether they like it or not. Add to it the power of the written word and the effect of its entertainment value and the combination becomes explosive for any company or business not willing to focus on social media channels to manage its online reputation.

    The problem that most companies face is that...

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  • Social Media Dashboard

    In the new age of social media, it doesn't matter whether a company is trying to build and curate its online reputation or not, an online reputation is going to be built for them no matter what. Even the companies that do spend resources on building their online reputation can sometimes find it difficult to manage the sheer expanse of information available to them. Dashboards are an innovative solution to this problem. They are powerful tools that can allow businesses to keep an eye on their online profiles besides communicating with their fans and followers.

    Social media dashboards are tools that allow you to perform multiple social media functions, typically from a single window. You can not only...

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  • Social Media Analytics

    Social media sites have been growing exponentially over the last few years forcing internet marketers to start focusing their energies more and more on social media marketing. An important result of this trend is that internet marketers are increasingly concentrating on not just monitoring social media activity around their brands but on measuring it.

    Keeping track of the key performance indicators for their social media campaigns also makes a business sense for most companies because social communities are one of the most inexpensive and reliable ways of getting customer feedback.

    There are a number of software programs and tools available for you in order to help you keep an eye on the key performance indicators of your...

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  • Social Media Software

    Social media software refers to the software programs and tools that can be used to improve communication on the various social media sites. From blogs, wiki websites, and social networking sites to internet forums and other websites that rely on user generated content, there are now a huge number of websites used by people to communicate and form communities online.

    According to a report, in the US, social media sites account for 22% of all the time spent on the internet. Due to the the viral component of social media, it's vital for companies and businesses to have powerful tools that allow them to monitor and analyze social media conversations about their products and services. They also need...

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  • Social CRM

    Social CRM is the use of social media by a company or a business to engage their customers online. It's a marketing strategy increasingly being used by the internet marketers so that they can use the power of social media to engage customers in collaborative conversations. The technique creates value for both the company and the customer by fostering strong relationships with clients, which is something that can be created only by working in trusted and transparent business environments.

    According to some definitions of the term, social media monitoring is also part of Social CRM as it is important for businesses to keep track of what their customers are saying about their products on various social media sites.

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  • Social Media Management

    Social media has fundamentally changed the way internet marketers handle their marketing campaigns. It is becoming one of the most important ways for companies to communicate with their clients. Internet marketers are also realizing that it doesn't matter whether they participate or not, their product or service is going to have a reputation on social networks. This is the reason why an increasing number of companies and businesses are now focusing their efforts on managing their social media profiles.

    Managing social media is also important for the companies because of the nature of the media as a two-way communication platform. Users now have the genuine ability to make or break a business. The aim of social media management...

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  • Social Media Tools

    Social media tools are all the tools and software programs that enable individuals and companies to use social media sites more effectively.

    The popularity of social media sites has had important consequences for an internet marketer. While they had previously relied on methods of communication where their audience used to be simply passive listeners, they now have an audience that is not just a passive recipient of marketing messages but one that also participates in the conversation.

    Social media tools are different from the traditional media tools in almost every respect:

    1) Inexpensive: Social media tools are very inexpensive compared to the tools that allow you to use traditional media such as radio, TV and print...

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  • Social Media Monitoring

    Social media allows companies and organizations to form communities of users interested in their products. They can use the power of these communities to achieve their marketing objectives. However, it has been aptly said that you cannot control a conversation on social media, you can only hope to participate in it. This is both a challenging and a liberating prospect. It's challenging because it's different from any other method of communication with your clients and because you cannot monopolize the conversation. It is liberating because your clients can interact and join with you in co-creating value for your products or services.

    It is vital for business owners to keep an eye on the conversations taking place about their...

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  • Social Tools

    The term Social Tools refers to all the tools that allow individuals, companies and businesses to manage communication with their followers on the various Web 2.0 sites such as social networking sites, blogs, internet forums, wikis, video sharing and social bookmarking sites etc. They also facilitate the creation of user generated content.

    Social tools are a cost-effective way of building communities, communicating with clients and understanding user trends. This can enable you to engage users more fully with your product or service.

    Following are some of the social tools most commonly used by companies as well as individuals:

    Tools that make sharing easy and powerful: These are tools that allow you to automatically post on dozens...

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  • Internet Marketing Campaign

    An internet marketing campaign is one of the most important parts of a company's overall marketing strategy. The goal of an internet marketing campaign should be to reach as many potential customers as possible and maintain the existing client base while remaining within the advertising budget.

    Launching an internet marketing campaign - instructions:

    Whether you're launching a new product or relaunching an existing one, here are the steps usually involved in creating an internet marketing campaign:


    Like all marketing campaigns, an internet marketing campaign also starts with planning. For this stage you need to have a proper understanding of your online customers. Only if you're aware of the customer trends and behavior can you...

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  • Website Marketing Software

    One of the important aspects of the Internet as a marketing channel is that it is always changing and evolving. New and more effective methods of finding new customers are always being conceived and added to an internet marketer's arsenal. A good internet marketer needs good tools in order to be effective in achieving a company's marketing objectives.

    Website marketing or internet marketing is very broad in its scope. There are several different types of business models used by various websites in order to generate their revenue. Marketing techniques for these websites also vary from one business model to the next. Website marketing software assists website owners in implementing each stage of their business model. Following are some...

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  • Internet Marketing Program

    Internet marketing has transformed the way a business functions in the marketplace. This is chiefly because of the fact that the customers themselves are no longer behaving the same way, or using the same tools they did even until a few years ago. In order to maximize its business, therefore, a company now needs to have an aggressive and innovative internet marketing strategy.

    Internet has given even small businesses a chance to thrive in the marketplace if they have a good internet marketing strategy in place. But while a big company can have internet marketing experts and indeed entire marketing departments at their disposal, this is usually not the case with small businesses. They have to put together...

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  • Marketing Tool

    Success for a company in today's world does not simply depend on the strength of its products and services - product strength coupled with the ability to cater to the desires and trends of the customers is the only way for a company to achieve its fullest potential. More and more companies are now producing, designing and even promoting products in a way that suits their customers' taste.

    Marketing programs and tools have made it possible for marketing professionals to understand the nuances of customer behavior and launch campaigns that help them access new markets and improve their presence in the existing ones.

    The job of a marketing professional is to formulate a strategy that will afford...

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  • Internet Marketing Tool

    While the number of available marketing channels continues to multiply, some of which shoot up or down in popularity over time, and become obsolete or more refined, the basic goal of marketing and indeed its basic principles stay the same. Marketing professionals across the world have to analyze market data to come up with and execute a strategy that allows their products and services to become successful in the market.

    Marketing professionals have to use all the channels and platforms that allow them to get the word out about their products. Due to the popularity of the Internet over the last decade or so, it has become increasingly important for businesses to focus their marketing efforts on reaching...

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  • Internet Marketing Software

    Due to the huge number of internet users and the potential of this medium to impress and influence the purchasing behavior of customers, it is vital for any kind of business to have a decent online presence.

    It's becoming increasingly obvious that not only do people use the Internet to shop online, they also use websites like as their price basis even when they go to a physical store to purchase a product. Another important trend is people reading user reviews before deciding which product to buy. It is, therefore, important for businesses to launch marketing campaigns designed specifically for the users of the world wide web.

    A software program or tool that assists you in...

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  • Internet Marketing Training

    Internet has become the driving force behind people's decisions to buy the products they need. Typically, the customers either know what they want and they go to the internet and find the product's price; or they don't know what they want so they go to the internet to look through the available options. Businesses, therefore, have to have a strong Internet Marketing department in order to get the competitive edge in the market.

    Internet marketing training can be useful even if you're not a marketing professional. Following are some of the reasons why a company or an individual might seek training in internet marketing:

    1) Companies looking to improve their employees' ability to face the challenges of...

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  • Get Found Online

    As a business, if you can't be found, you might as well not exist. This statement is applicable in the case of both the physical world, and the virtual world. On the Internet, the most important thing for website owners is to make sure that their website can be found by people looking for the products or services they're offering.

    Internet has transformed the way people learn about and purchase products. Print advertising, trade shows, promotional events and other traditional methods of marketing are now considered less important by a marketing professional than an internet marketing campaign. Customers are not only purchasing more products online, they're also looking through search results, blogosphere, review sites and social media sites...

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  • Get Your Business Online

    For almost any business, establishing an online presence is not just a luxury anymore, internet has taken center stage in the marketing efforts for most businesses. This is a direct result of the popularity of the Internet over the last few years. Users are not only purchasing the products they need online, they also try to find out information about the products they intend to purchase before they visit an actual store.

    One of the challenges faced especially by small businesses is the perceived complexity of the process of taking a business online. In reality, however, establishing an online presence is not difficult at all. Of course, you can spend a lot of time and effort to improve...

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  • Website Advertising

    Website advertising refers to the efforts made by companies and businesses to promote their products to the users of World Wide Web. In recent years, website advertising has become an industry worth tens of billion of dollars annually. According to an estimate, in 2012, $ 34.5 billion will be spent on online advertising in the US alone.

    Besides the fact that it's vital for businesses to reach their constituents online, website advertising also offers a huge competitive advantage over traditional methods of advertisement. It is, for example, a lot less expensive than almost any other form of advertising.

    Advertisers can launch several different variations of their ads, track the performance of each version, analyze data, tweak and...

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  • Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing, simply put, is the use of various techniques to get your message across to the Internet users in order to popularize your brand or to sell your products and services to your customers. Other terms used to refer to internet marketing include online marketing, web marketing or digital marketing etc.

    Following are some of the techniques used in internet marketing:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A process aimed at ensuring that a website shows up high in un-paid or organic search results against the targeted keywords.

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Increasing a website's visibility on search engine results page through SEO as well as advertisement.

    Social Media Marketing: Connecting and communicating with your customers...

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  • Writing a Killer Press Release

    In this article we will discuss a few tips that can help you to write a killer press release. The first step is to make a list of topics for the press release. The press release needs to be informative and well written.

    When writing a killer press release the first thing that you will have to focus on is the title of the press release. The title needs to be unique and interesting. The success of any press release depends mainly on the title, as it is the first thing that any one reads and what attracts readers is the title. The title needs to attract and entice the readers to find out more about your news...

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  • Trade Fair Press Release

    Trade fairs are an ideal way to promote and sell your product. Trade fairs have grown rapidly over the last few years. There are many trade shows, conferences and conventions that take place every day. Trade fairs have become a major attraction for all industries. The increasing popularity also means an increase in competition. It is now more difficult to attract attendees to your booth and get media attention. One of the most appropriate tools to attract people and gain publicity is a press release.

    A good trade fair press release will guarantee the attendance of masses and media personal alike. When writing a trade fair press releases remember to make a strong impression. As the saying goes...

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  • How to Use Keyword in Press Release

    When writing a press release to be published on the World Wide Web you need to understand how the press release will get distributed online. The first thing you need to do is to make your press release search engine friendly. Search engine optimization enables search engine to find and index your press releases easily. The keywords that you use need to be supported by the text of the press release.

    The core keyword needs to be added in the title of the press release. It will be repeated a in the main body of the test. The core keyword can be a single word or a phrase; it can be the name of your company/ website or...

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  • Environmental Press Release

    Our environment is everything that surrounds us. Even though man has made major advancements in technology we have made a significant impact on our natural environment. Environmental press releases cover all the aspects of news related to environment. These press releases are mostly sent by non-government organization, environmental agencies and the United Nations. The main objective of environmental press release is to create awareness among the masses about our environment. There are many online press release platforms that deal mainly with environmental press releases.

    Before you start writing an environmental press release you need to make a rough draft. Arrange all the information in the descending order, the most important information first followed by less important information. This...

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  • Education Press Release

    Press releases are an integral part of our communication industry. Most press releases are regarding businesses, nonprofit organizations, government activities and educational activities. Education press releases can be about open admissions, getting distinctions in exams, opening of a new department and so on.   

    Educational press releases also cover academic studies or vocational studies. Whatever the case, your press releases need to be informative and newsworthy for the readers. When writing an educational press release you need to bear in mind your target audience. The press release needs to be concise and to the point. Do not write to much fluff. The text of the press release can be arranged in bullet format. If required you can enter...

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  • Creative Press Release Tips

    Creativity can have a great impact on your press release. It can enable your press release to go viral and spread rapidly. However creativity does carry risks with it. If the journalists do not like your creative approach your press release might not see the light of day. To understand what creative angle will work for you, you need to see what is already getting printed. See the response the creative press releases have among the audience. Once you have done your homework it will be easy for you to write your own creative press release have achieve the desired results. Here are a few creative press release tips that can help you in writing the best press release.

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  • Press Release Database

    There are thousands of press releases published every day. The world has become a global market and press releases are the fastest way of getting your news to the masses. Online press release platforms are an excellent way to access the news information. When journalists go through your press release they usually look for the information about your organization and latest developments to get a better picture. All the news that you uploaded on a press release distribution platform will be sorted and saved so that it can be accessed at any time by the journalists. 

    A press release database is a place where you can get access to published press releases, so that it is easy for...

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  • Current Press Releases

    Press releases are by far the most popular tool used for public relations. As you are aware, the impact of news only materializes if it is distributed on time. This is where press releases make a difference. Media and journalists are always in need of news information and depend heavily on press releases to provide them with the latest information about the different businesses and organizations. There are many different online press release platforms that are able to provide instant news access to journalists so that they can gain access to the press releases.

    One of the most effective, easy to use and price friendly online press release platforms is MyPRGenie. It is a fast growing, user friendly...

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  • Community Newswire

    Community is a group of people that come together with a common interest. It can be a common language, hobby, geographical location or the way to living. A community can also be defined as a group of people living together because they have the same customs and beliefs. There are many types of communities based on religion, customs or common interests. Some of the examples are Chinese community, Islamic community, Christian community and business community.

    News wires are a reliable source of information. Today, many newspapers and news channels depend mainly on them. There are many types of news wire services, which can be categorized according to geographical location or a particular interest of the people. Communitypress release...

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  • Cheap Press Release

    Press releases are a major source of news information. Businesses, organizations and governments all depend heavily on press releases as a method of distributing their news. The World Wide Web has played a major role in making news easily accessible on a global scale. If a news takes place anywhere in the world, the information will be available on the internet. If you conduct a search on the internet for a good press release distribution platform you will find numerous sites that offer you press release distribution services.

    These websites offering press release distribution services act as the fastest and most effective way to get your word out to people across the world. The only problem with this...

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  • What is a Press Release

    A press release is a communication that is sent to news media to be distributed among the masses. The press release can be in written, audio or video format depending on the medium of the news providers. Press releases are considered as a major source of news information all over the world. They are the most commonly used public relations tool now days. Press releases can be of many types depending on what it is covering. It can be a small business press release informing the masses about its new development or the development of a new product. It can be used to help change public opinion or to build awareness.  It can also be used to gain support...

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  • UK Press Releases

    UK press releases are those press releases that are mainly meant for publication in the United Kingdom. There are many press release platforms to which you can send your press release to get access to the UK market. You can easily find these press release distribution services through the World Wide Web. Most of these online press release platforms can help you reach your target audience. One such online PR platform is MyPRGenie. It has one of the world’s largest media database with over 540,000 journalists worldwide.

    Each one of these platforms help you press release to get more promotion and if targeted properly it will help you to make a viral impact on your target audience. Let’s...

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  • Product Enhancements Press Release

    By enhancing your product you can improve your business a great deal. But only enhancement is not enough as you also need to inform the customers that the product has been improved and is available in the market. If you don’t market your product in the right way, there is a great chance it will go completely unnoticed. To create an impact with your enhancement you need to write a product enhancements press release. It will allow you to reach a larger target audience with minimum cost. Press releases are mainly used to help build and change public opinion. Here are a few tips that will help you write a product enhancement press release.

     It is important to...

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  • Industry Press Releases

    The press releases are the best mode of communication around the world. It helps to inform the public about the latest happenings related to a business or organization. All industries use press release to inform masses about their work. Every day we see hundreds of press releases form all the different industries. It does not matter what industry you belong to, what matters is that you know how to use a press release to make your information more visible. The best and most popular examples are entertainment industry press releases, music industry press releases, IT industry press releases, tourism industry press releases and agricultural industry press releases.

    These industries are completely different form each other but...

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  • Embargoed Press Release

    An embargoed press release is the information that is sent to the media beforehand, and they are requested not to publish it until a later date/ time. A good example of this would be the copy of the Presidential address, which is sent to the news media hours before the president addresses the nation. Most embargoed press releases are of great importance and are usually accompanied by a legally bounding non-disclosure agreement to stop the news agencies form publishing it before time.

    You need to keep in mind a few key points when writing an embargoed press release. The first thing is that the even though you are sending the press release beforehand it will be published at...

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  • Duplicate Content, SEO and Press Releases

    Press releases are a major source of information and are used by businesses and organizations all over the world. It is considered as the fastest and most effective way to communicate your information to others around the globe. The fastest method of spreading the press release is through online press release distribution platforms. This helps the press release to reach a greater audience and gain more viewership. A key point to remember when distributing an online press release is that the content should be original.

    All content that is distributed online needs to be informative and original. Search engines work by cashing pages, to do so they send crawlers to all the pages on a website. These bots...

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  • Create Press Release

    A press release is the most widely used public relations tool these days. It is used by businesses, non-profit organizations, governments and many other industries every day. There are many different types of press releases that are used as a major source of news by all the news agencies. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to inform people about you. Press releases are mainly used to create and change public opinion. When creating a press release you need to keep in mind a few tips that can help you reach a greater audience. Make sure that you use arrange the press release in the correct format.

    There are thousands of press releases sent to news...

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  • Best Press Release

    The term best press release is used to describe a press release that not only goes viral but is also informative for the readers. The best press release is also the most popular press release. There are many tools to help a press release become the best press release. These tools are used to make the press release search engine friendly and to distribute it all over the world.

    The best press release should be well written. You need to show that you have a command on the topic of the press release that you want to publish. Here are a few tips that will help you write the best press release. Keep your information concise. The information...

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  • Amazing Press Release

    An amazing press release is one that is able to gain a lot of visibility online and makes a good impression on the media. These press releases can go viral as soon as they are released. There are many case studies where we see the effect these amazing press releases have made on a global scale. These amazing press releases are distributed through online press release distributors. To make the press release have a viral effect, it is distributed to main stream news media and online publications. Press release distribution services can do wonders for your business and press release but are not used by most of the small business as they cost too much. There are two factors...

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  • Writing a Press Release

    Press releases are the most effective way to distribute news information to the masses and media. With technology the speed of spreading press releases has increased rapidly. Newswire services can now distribute press releases access across the entire world. Press releases can be about almost everything. The key element of any good press release is that it needs to be news worthy. If a press release is not news worthy it will not carry any interest for the news agencies, and they will not publish or broadcast your press release.

    Writing a press release is a skill that can be acquired with a little practice. Here I will try to walk you through the steps of writing a...

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  • Viral Marketing Techniques

    In viral marketing, information that you distribute is transferred from one person to another just like a virus. The best medium for making you content go viral is social media. Viral marketing techniques help you to increase the flow of traffic to your website by making people share the information that is being prompted on the social media network.  It can be through text, audio, video or any other format that can motivate social media users to share the information.

    The greatest advantage of using the viral marketing techniques is that it does not need you to spend loads of money or the expertise of technical marketing personal. Viral marketing techniques can be used in many different ways...

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  • Survey Results Press Release

    Surveys are conducted to find out public opinion and to see the root causes of different issues. Surveys are used mainly for research. There are two types of surveys: qualitative and quantitative. Whenever a survey is conducted it is published on different publications. The most effective way to get the information to the desired audience is through press releases. Survey results press release are published on many online and main stream publications. 

    The key points you should remember when writing a press release on the results of survey are as follows: Remember to keep the writing interesting and informative. State the facts. Keep your findings as concise is possible. Remember you are writing a survey result press release...

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  • Successful Press Release

    Press releases are the ideal publicity tool. They are used to create awareness, motivate people and change public opinion. There are two parts of running a successful press release campaign. First is the writing and the second is the distribution. If either one of these is not done properly there are chances that your press release will not reach its maximum potential.

    If your press release is not written well it might not see the light of day and have no effect. A poorly written press release is equal to no press release. When writing a successful press release the most importance will be given to the title. The title needs to be luring for the readers. It...

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  • Stock Offering Press Releases

    The world of business relies heavily on press releases. Whenever a company goes from private to public status it needs to float its shares in the market. This attracts investors, stock brokers and other businessmen towards the stocks. All public trade companies are legally bound to inform the masses about their investments. Most businesses prefer to use press release distribution services as a tool to get the news information to the masses as soon as possible.

    When writing your stock offering press release you need to keep in mind a few tips. The press release should not be too long. The writing style will be formal. Give information about your past achievements. Show masses why your company stocks...

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  • Seminar Press Release

    A seminar is generally a form of academic instruction. Seminars are conducted all over the word to help educate people about different fields of study. Seminars can be about science, psychology, literature or any other walk of life. Most seminars have guest speakers who are experts in their field. A seminar can be a lecture, debate or a question & answer session between the audience and the guest speakers. The best way to attract people and to inform people about a seminar is through a press release. There are two types of seminar press releases: one is for inviting people to the seminars and the second is for informing people about the success of the seminar.

    When writing...

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  • Press Release Distribution Tips

    Press releases are an integral part of mass communication. It enables you to get your news information to the masses in the shortest period of time. It can help change and build public opinion. A successful press release depends on two main things: writing a good press release and distributing it properly. If a press release is well written but is not distributed properly it will not have the desired impact.When distributing your press release, make sure you send it to the right people. A planned distribution of the press release to a small group of correct journalists will give you more exposure as compared to sending it randomly to hundreds of journalists.

    The first step you need...

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  • Press Release Distribution Services

    Press release distribution services are becoming one of the main driving forces behind online marketing. Companies have to pay huge sums of money as startup cost for advertising their products, but now things have taken a spin as these online service providers have made it a lot more convenient and inexpensive to get the word out. In order to attract propitious media attention to the professional PR clients, these pr services provide a platform for companies to promote their products, marketed events and services to the world at a low cost by using electronic mediums such as the web, email and fax to distribute press releases to journalists, publications and related media contacts.

    Do you want to reach out to...

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  • Press Release Blogs

    Press releases are an extremely important communication tool. Most businesses depend upon press releases to get publicity and communicate their message to people. A press release can be used to promote blogs and at the same time blogs can be used to distribute press releases. Press releases and blogs are interlinked with each other over the World Wide Web. Online press release distribution services use press releases to promote their blogs. Here are a few features that can help you promote blogs through press releases:

    Remember that an external link to any website is a vote of confidence. These votes become more powerful when they come through a press release. Placing anchor text links in press releases can...

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  • Investor Press Release

    Today, press releases play a very crucial part in the business sector. Every day hundreds of press releases are published that contain business information for investors. Whether your business is small or has branches all over the world, you need investors. The press release that you distribute can help attract investors to your business or it can be crafted for informing the investors about the financial situation of the business. Many business organizations are legally obliged by the SEC to inform investors, shareholders and other stake holders about their business development. This is why most business turn towards press releases as a main medium for the distribution of information.

    Investor press release can be used to attract new...

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  • Hosting a Contest Press Release

    Hosting contests are an ideal publicity tool. They encourage people to participate and win prizes. Many websites host contests to attract people to the website. The ultimate goal is to increase the traffic and page ranking of the website. The best way to boost the popularity of your contest is through online press releases. A good press release will help you reach a lot of people faster than any other publicity tool.

    When writing “hosting a contest press release”, you need to know your target audience. The hosting a contest press release needs to attract readers and journalists alike. The first thing in any press release is the title. The title is the most important part of the...

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  • Charity Event Press Release

    The best way to support any cause is through charity events. Most of these events go unnoticed because they are not publicized correctly. The best way to publicize a charity event is through a press release. Charity event press releases enable you to reach a larger target audience in a short period of time. When writing a charity event press release you need to keep in mind a few tips so that your event gets the maximum exposure.

    Before you start writing a charity event press release collect all your information in a rough draft. In the draft first you will work on is the title of the press release. The title needs to be the crux of...

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  • Electronic Press Release

    The fastest way of distributing a press release is through the World Wide Web. The press releases that are distributed over the internet are called electronic press release. Electronic press release services are dedicated to help companies get quick and effective media coverage through electronic media. Electronic press releases are shorter that traditional press releases, they are arranged into four to five paragraphs each containing a few sentences. The maximum length of an electronic press release is around four hundred words.

    You need to keep in mind a few key points when writing an electronic press release. The first is that the press release should not be restricted to time. The content that is uploaded to the internet...

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  • Government Press Release

    The press releases sent by any department of the government are called a government press release. Press releases have become an integral part of mass communication. When any government wants to inform the people regarding any news, they mostly do so through a press release as it is the fastest way of distributing news information to the target audience. A government press release is used by every country in the world at both the local national and international level. Every government in the world has an information minister and every department has an information secretary through whom the information is distributed among the people.

    Government press releases are usually posted on the local and national news wire services...

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  • Merger Press Release

    A business merger or closure taking place in one part of the world can affect the entire global market. Most companies and business are asked by the SEC to inform their investors, shareholders and the business community about any activity that can affect the financial turnover. It is important to get the news out to the target audience as soon as possible and the most effective way to do this is through online press release distribution services.

    When writing a merger press release you need to use professional language. Remember the users might have doubts about how the merger will affect the future of the company. You will be required to address this issue and also give a...

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  • Press Release Optimizer

    A press release optimizer is the tool used to make a press release more prominent and rank high on search engines. Press release optimizer tools are growing in popularity as SEO is very important for marketing campaigns. There are many steps involved in the optimization of a press release. From the moment a press release is submitted to an online press release distribution service, the press release optimization techniques come into play.

    The first step that an online press release distribution takes is that it scans the press release for important keywords that can be used for the search engine optimization process. After scanning the press release for key wards the press release is unloaded to the search...

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  • Receiving An Award Press Release

    Receiving an award is a great honor and is an ideal opportunity to publicize yourself. The award can be given to you for some work you have done or it could be for any achievement of your business/ organization.  Press releases are the best way to inform people that you have won an award. The award you receive need not be great - like a Nobel Prize or Oscar - it could be a small award. The trick is to present the information in a good manner. This is where writing a good press release comes in. 

    When writing a “receiving an award press release”, remember to enter the name of the award in the title. It is...

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  • Search Engine Optimizer

    A search engine optimizer is a tool used to increase the traffic to your website. Its main objective is to increase the rating of the webpage on the search engines so that it is visible online and more people click on it. When selecting a search engine optimizer service you will have to very careful. The reason for this is that a number of search engine optimizer service providers use black hat techniques to help you gain the desired traffic. These techniques are effective but in the long run spoil the reputation of the company and spoil your page ranking on search engines. A good search engine optimizer service will use white hat techniques to help generate traffic for...

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  • SEO Copywriting

    Achieving a high page rank on the search engines is very important for any online business. You need to produce copy for your website that can help you attract more people to your website. Remember that SEO copywriting is not as simple as traditional copy writing for websites. When writing for SEO you need to make the content SEO friendly. SEO copy writing is not all that difficult but there are certain things that need to be followed to make the copy more effective and SEO friendly.

    Before you start SEO copywriting for your website you need to know how search engines work. Search engines send robots, crawlers and spiders to scan the content of your website. These...

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  • Social Media Optimizer

    A social media optimizer can help you generate more traffic for your website through social media networks. A social media optimizer not only relies on social media networks but also uses search engines, and blogs. By using Social media optimizer services you will be able to directly boost your online links that will attract more traffic to your website on a global scale. More visibility means more traffic and more traffic equals to more sales and better page ranking on search engines. 

    With every passing day more business are turning towards social media networks to help increase their business. If you still have not joined any social media network then it means that you are losing potential business...

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  • Sponsoring An Event Press Release

    Most nonprofit organizations arrange charity events to help create awareness and generate funds for their cause. To make the event a success these organizations need to gather sponsors for the event. The ‘sponsoring an event press release’ is divided in two categories. The first is when the organization is asking for sponsors and the second is when a company or business has sponsored the event. 

    When you are writing a press release asking for the sponsors, you need to remember that it is a call for action. You need to focus on the importance of the event and the gravity of the issue that you want to highlight. The writing of the press release needs to be formal,...

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  • Advertising and Public Relations

    Public relations and advertisements are two of the most important marketing techniques. Most businesses are not sure what king of advertising or public relations their business needs to achieve their desired goals. To decide what is the best tool to help boost your business you need to know the main differences between the two. Even though both of these are different promotional methods most people tend to confuse them with each other.

    Advertisements on print or electronic media are always paid. Public relations are done through press releases, articles, features and so on but news outlets do not charge to publish or broadcast them.

    In advertising the writing style is very vibrant. The language is colorful with...

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  • Best Online Advertising

    Online advertising is mainly used to bring traffic to your website and to increase sales. There are many different types of advertisings that can be used to achieve this goal. There are countless online advertising agencies that offer you a wide range of services. Seeing the growing demand of online advertisements the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on are also offering their services. The basic principle of all these is the same, to attract people to the website and to help increase sales. The major benefit of online advertising is the immediate publishing of information and there are no limitations of time or locality. The search engines have gone a step ahead and become the leaders in...

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  • Celebrity Press Release

    Celebrity press releases are a great way to inform the masses about the latest news about a certain celebrity. It does not matter is you are an actor, direct, producer, fashion model, fashion designer or belong to any other walk of life, celebrity press releases can bring you into the spotlight. With paparazzi always on your tail trying to dig up dirt it is important for celebrities to use an equally effective tool to build their reputation and counteract the smear campaigns launched by paparazzi.  A celebrity press release is the single most effective tool used by public relation experts to overcome such problems.

    A celebrity press release can be about a charity event, news movie or album...

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  • Health press release

    With all the advancements in technology and medical science it is very important to stay updated about the latest cures for diseases. It is very important to inform the medical industry about any new development in the medical science. The fastest way to distribute medical news information is through a press release. To help doctors and other medical professionals there are specialized medical journals and news wires that are working day and night to keep doctors updated about the latest medical news.

    In a health press release you need to inform the people about the old treatments and how yours is better. Keep the headline of the health press release to the point and concise. The headline needs...

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  • How to increase conversion rate

    Conversion rate is the ratio of visitors that buy your product or undertake a desirable action. There are many factors that can help increase the conversion rate and increase the sales of a website. Most websites mainly focus on maximum flow of traffic to help boost their sales. A good flow of traffic is very important but it is better for website owners to focus on the conversion rate. By focusing on the conversion rate you can guarantee more sales and generate revenue.

    For better sales the first thing that needs to be done is to generate a steady flow of customers. Once the flow of traffic is constant and increasing next you need to start working on...

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  • How to increase Google page rank?

    Page rank is determined by the number and quality of back-links to a website. It was created by Larry Page and is named after him. The algorithm is currently being used by Google to calculate a ranking for every page that exists on the World Wide Web.

    Google page rank is very important for websites. It varies from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest. It is mainly based on the back links of the page that are available online. The back links can be created in many ways that can easily be found by the spiders and crawlers of Google search engines. The higher page rank your website has the better positioning you will receive on...

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  • How to Use PR Newswire

    PR Newswire is one of the largest newswire services in the world. It has been working as a press release distributing service since 1954. Initially it was hired by companies to distribute only plain text press releases; today it is clients include multinational companies, government organizations and nonprofit organizations. Now it provides complete online distribution services for your multimedia content. Over the years PR Newswire has built its reputation as a reliable news provider. Through PR Newswire you can distribute your news release on city, state and country level.

    Even though PR Newswire services are very popular and held in high esteem, most small business don’t use this service for their press release needs. These businesses prefer to...

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  • Media Wire

    Media wire is just like a news wire that mainly caters to multimedia releases. People are usually more attracted to multimedia content as compared to plain text information. Media wire services help you reach a greater audience. The media wire is compatible with all multimedia content that you want to send to the masses. Media wire services are highly appreciated by television and radio stations as they are able to get audio and video feeds that can easily be used on news broadcasts.

    You can find many media wire services on the World Wide Web. Out of all these websites one of the most popular and rapidly growing media wire service is MyPRGenie. It has become an ideal...

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  • Online Branding

    Building a good brand name is very important for achieving success. The World Wide Web is an ideal place to build brand recognition. Even though there are many ways to build the brand name on the web, you need to make a complete strategy to help you achieve this target. Brand building does not happen overnight. It involves constant advertisements, reminding the masses about yourself, building a good reputation and most importantly creating a ‘we feeling’ with the customers. There are many tools available online that offer a wide range of services for helping your online branding needs, the cheapest and most effective of all these is online press release distribution.

    By writing and publishing online press releases...

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  • PR Newswire Costs

    Newswires have increased in popularity over the years in all major sectors. Even though the telegraph is not used these days the term newswire still lives on. Newswire services are the main channel for businesses to send their news information to the different news media houses. Nowadays every city, state and country has its own newswire service to share information with all the news broadcasters and publishers of that country. These newswire services can help you distribute your news on a local, national and international level.

    Today, the most cost effective option is online newswire services. Through these online newswire services you will be able to access the local and international news agencies. The PR newswire costs will...

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  • Press release format

    Most press release that are sent to news publishers and news broadcasters are discarded right away because they do not follow the correct press release format. The press release format is created for the ease of the journalists. It enables journalists to quickly scan through the press release and judge the worth of the news information. The press release format focuses on the arrangement of the information and does not focus on the nature of the press release. All press releases will have the same basic format. A standard press release format is as follows:

    At the top of the page you write FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, if the press release is to be distributed immediately or RELEASESE ON...

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  • Advertising Agencies

    Advertising agencies are a fundamental part of today’s business world.  They preform most of the public relations activities needed to build brand recognition and boost sales. Most advertising agencies deal in traditional mediums like newspapers ads, radio and television commercials, outdoor advertisements and BTL activities. These forms of advertisements are very successful on both the local and national scale. Advertising activities can be extremely expensive; so many advertising agencies, seeing this problem, have now started to turn their attention towards the World Wide Web. Most advertising agencies follow the pay per click, pay per lead and pay per action models, which are proving to be quite profitable.

    However, high competition in the market is forcing advertising agencies to...

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  • Effective Press Release

    Online press releases are considered an integral part of marketing strategy by most companies now. Online press releases are not only an effective method to inform the masses about your news; they can also be used to improve your SEO campaign. An effective press release is one that is able to build brand recognition, improve sales and help in building a good reputation for the company. 

    A well written online press release will get you attention from news media, bloggers, and industry experts. It will also help improve your online visibility.  An effective press release will not only increase the interest of people but also generate healthy traffic for your website. The links inserted in the press release...

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  • Free Instant Press Release

    The term free instant press release refers to press releases that are sent instantly free of any cost. The best way for publishing a free instant press release is online press release distribution services. These days more and more businesses are turning towards online press release distribution, as the World Wide Web is the fastest way to get the news information to a large number of people quickly. There are many online press release distributors that provide free instant press release distribution services. MyPRGenie offers you both free and paid online press release distribution services depending on your needs.

    By using free instant press release distribution services offered by MyPRGenie you can send the press release to search...

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  • High Tech News Press Release

    High tech news press releases are mostly about all the latest technological advances. These can be in electronics, engineering, pharmaceutical or any other field. A high tech news press release is usually addressed to a specific target audience. There are some press release platforms that only work to distribute high tech news press releases. A major issue with these services is they more or less completely miss the general public and only target the media outlets that are dedicated to this type of news.  

    It is always better to use a general press release platform for the distribution of high tech news press releases. The major reason for this is that a general press release platform will...

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  • Model Press Release

    Press releases are sent to the news agencies in many situations. They can be about events, achievements, crisis management, etc. Press releases are ideal to mold the public opinion. They are the best way to inform and attract people towards your business. No matter what the situation may be, a press release is the fastest and the most effective way of distributing news information throughout the world.  Every day more and more businesses are turning towards press releases as a means to disseminate information. Still a lot of these press releases don’t see the light of day due to bad writing and formatting issues.

    Model press releases can be written according to the need of the time. The...

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  • Photo PR Newswire

    Press releases are regaining their popularity as a publicity tool. Every day more companies are turning their attention towards press releases as a publicity tool. The World Wide Web has changed the way news used to be distributed. The internet has made access to the latest news easy and instant. Almost every city and country has its own newswire service, enabling news agencies to access news from all over the world. Besides newswires associated with cities and countries there are some newswire services that specialize in distributing your news information worldwide.

    A picture is worth a thousand words - keeping this in mind many newswire services have started to offer photo PR newswire distribution. By distributing a photo...

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  • Press Release Headline

    Press releases have become more popular than traditional advertisements in many segments of the market. As it not only gives the business exposure, but also helps build a good reputation. To make the press release effective you will need to write the press release following some rules. The most important part of a press release is its headline. The press release headline or title is what attracts people to the press release. If the press release headline isn’t good enough, then your press release won’t get a fair chance of becoming popular.

    Every day newspapers and news stations receive thousands of press releases. It is important to make your press release stand out among them. The editors, journalists...

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  • Press Release Writing Services

    Press releases are a vital part of any publicity campaign.  Every day more businesses are turning towards press releases as a means of effective communication. News agencies receive hundreds of press releases daily, so you need to make your press release stand out among them. You can do so by writing a good press release. Writing a good press release is a skill that can be acquired through a little bit of practice. The World Wide Web is full of press release platforms that offer you guidance regarding all your press release needs, from writing to distribution to follow ups.

    Some press release services also offer to write the press release for you. The press release writing services...

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  • Video News Release

    A video news release is different form advertisements as it is aired during the news timing as part of the news and not in the commercial time. The viewers see the video news release and consider it to be part of the news, researched by the news channel.

    Video news releases are used more and more these days by PR firms for the distribution of news information.  A news segment that you see on the television has a lot of importance and it is considered to be factual and well researched. Companies that share video news releases can easily benefit from this. The writing of a video news release is not as writing a simple press release. The...

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  • Website Launch Press Release

    Press releases are the fastest way of informing people about yourself and your business. The market is rapidly changing and now more and more companies are turning their attention towards the World Wide Web. Once the website is made and launched, the next step is to attract traffic towards the website and make it popular. This is where press releases come in. When writing a press release to inform people about the launch of the website you need to bear in mind a few things.  

    First make a rough draft of the content/information you want to add to the press release. Start by giving the most important information followed by lesser important information. This style of arranging...

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  • Business Social Networking Sites

    The websites where people meet, interact and make new friends are known as social networking sites. The social networking sites are attracting more people every day and have become an ideal marketing platform for business. Some social networking sites are mainly designed for business professionals. More and more people are flocking to these business social networking sites. These business social networking sites have become an ideal platform for business men and professionals to interact. Most business social networking sites allow you to make a profile for your company. Professionals from all walks of life join these sites.

    There are many business social networking sites that offer a range of services for professionals. Before you choose any one of...

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  • Business Social Software

    Social networks are on the rise these days. There are more than six hundred million people using Facebook and over two hundred million people are using Twitter worldwide. This clearly shows the interest people have in creating social networks online. Seeing this growing trend many software companies have started to make social software that websites can use to make their sites social media friendly. These software mainly target companies to help build their business contacts.

    The business social software helps you interact with other business men and professionals to promote your business. Using such software, you can get a change to discuss your business issues, find the best help and increase your productivity. Before you decide on any...

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  • Small Business Social Media Marketing

    Small businesses are turning towards social media networks to get publicity quickly. Publicity is the key to success and the fastest way to connect to a large number of people is through social media networks. A few years ago, social media’s future was uncertain but now it is here to stay and has made a huge impact in the communication industry. In just a few years more than six hundred million people have joined Facebook and more than two hundred million are on Twitter. This just shows the impact that social media has made across the globe. The traditional marketing techniques such as advertising, public relations and BTL activities are still very important. Now you must be wondering how...

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  • Social Marketing Agency

    Social marketing is becoming more popular than traditional marketing. More and more people are being drawn towards social marketing agencies to meet most of their business needs. The traditional marketing has its plus points but it is relatively very expensive. This is why a lot of social marketing agencies are emerging. They efficiently target people on social media networks to get their word out.

    The internet has become one of the most effective tools for getting noticed in the world. Almost all businesses big or small have their own website now. But just having a website is not enough, you also need to direct traffic towards it and increase its page ranking.  This is where you will need...

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  • Social Marketing Services

    In the past few years the market place has changed dramatically. Now most companies also have a presence on social media networking sites like Tweeter and Facebook. These enable companies to launch a successful marketing campaign. Not only does it improve traffic, but it also builds brand recognition. There are many websites on the World Wide Web that offer social marketing services. They combine a wide array of services to meet your marketing needs.

    The fastest and most cost effective way of spreading news on the internet is through press releases. It is the best publicity tool available online. Among all the social marketing services MyPRGenie is the best as it combines the social networks with press release...

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  • Social Media and Business

    Social media is increasingly becoming an important tool for marketing. More and more businesses are turning towards social media as a publicity tool. In the last few years Facebook has gained over six hundred million users and Twitter now has over two hundred million. These social networks were an untapped market for potential business. Seeing this trend many public relation companies and social media agencies turned their attention towards social media networks. The social media is ideal for business to gain popularity and brand recognition.

    The World Wide Web has cemented the relationship between social media and businesses. Recent studies have shown that information travels fast through social media networks and agencies. Businesses create company pages on the...

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  • Social Media Companies

    A lot of social media companies are news oriented and share content in both text and multimedia format. The main purpose of social media companies is to create a platform where business and individuals can share their information and gain feedback. There are numerous social media companies on the World Wide Web. Before you choose any one of these social media companies to meet your marketing needs you must check what services are being offered and what are the charges.  

    Studies indicate that people are more attracted to social media content than traditional mediums. MyPRGenie offers an innovative and unique press release platform that can caters to all your needs. It allows the users to add content...

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  • Social Media News Release

    A social media news release is a press release specially designed for online social media platforms. Most reporters that surf the Internet and use social media websites don’t feel the need to tap into traditional press releases. Seeing the demand for change, the style of writing the press release has been adapted to be in line with the trends on social media.

    When writing a social media news release it is important to make it interesting and catchy. A social media news release needs to be both informative and interesting at the same time. The language of the news release must be casual; it should not sound to official. Try not to use technical jargons as most readers...

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  • Social Media Platforms

    In the last few years social media has seen rapid growth and is still on the rise.  Facebook alone has over six hundred million users. Almost all online businesses have their own social media pages to promote their brand. Social media platforms are a place where people can come together and share their news, ideas, thoughts, videos and other content. There are many different types of social media networks like:

    • Facebook – a social network
    • Twitter – a micro-blogging site
    • MySpace - a music social network
    • MyPRGenie & LinkedIn are business social networks.
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  • Social media press release distribution

    Social media platforms are gaining popularity all over the world. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have over six hundred million and two hundred million members respectively.  This just shows that the social media is growing and thousands of new people are joining it daily. PR platforms are now also adapting to this trend and have started social media press release distribution services. Initially, the biggest problem faced in social media press release distribution was that social media users do not like the normal format and language of the traditional press releases. To overcome this problem PR platforms change the writing style accordingly before the social media press release distribution takes place.

    The language of the press release needs...

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  • Small Business Marketing

    Small businesses are having more and more problems in the growing global market. Many businesses are emerging every day and the competition is getting fierce. The World Wide Web has given small businesses a chance to target consumers from all over the world. Small businesses use many marketing techniques like advertisements, sales, discount offers etc. The major problem with most of these techniques is that it works on a small scale and on a larger scale it costs too much. The fastest way to get publicity is through the internet. All you need to do is to make a website and then attract traffic to your website. To generate traffic you need to get a good ranking on search...

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  • Sample Press Releases

    There are many press release platforms that offer press releases press release distribution services. The press releases can be about any topic as long as the information provided in them is news worthy. A press release can be used to inform the target market about a new product launch. It can be about crisis management, sports, nonprofit organizations, and business and so on. Press releases work best in building public opinion and creating awareness among the masses. The basic format of the press release is the same. Here are the first few lines of a sample press release:

    For immediate release


    Sub Heading

    Date line – body of test (here you will mention Who...

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  • Public Relations News Release

    Public Relations (PR) is the art of building and maintaining the public Image of high profile people, like politicians and celebrities. It also works for companies, businesses and non-profit organizations. There are many different tools used by public relation firms to help build the public image of their clients but the most common is a news release. A public relations news release can effectively help change and build the public image of an individual or company. Depending on the need of the time the public relations platform will help build, maintain or change the public opinion of the masses.

    The masses will only take interest in your news information if you have a link with them. Public relations...

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  • Press Release Marketing

    The competition in the market is becoming more and more cut throat, which means that the need for publicity is increasing rapidly. The fastest and most cost effective way of distributing your news information worldwide is through online press releases. The way press release marketing works is that it makes people aware of the latest happenings of your company. They help build a respectable reputation for your company/brand name. Online press releases help in influencing the public opinion of the masses. A press release simultaneously distributes your news to many different channels. Publicity tools such as press release marketing are becoming very popular these days.

    When you send an online press release, your marketing needs are met in...

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  • Press Release Distribution Contacts

    Press releases are gaining popularity as a publicity tool. Press releases are aimed at the news media to distribute news information to the masses. Press releases can be distributed through many channels like email, fax, postal mail, newswires, etc. The objective is to inform the masses about the latest happening about an organization or company. To effectively distribute your press release you need to have contacts in the news media.

    Before you compile a list of press release distribution contacts you will have to know the right people working at the right places. This means you need to know the interest, beat and topic of the journalist to whom you are sending the press release. You also need...

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  • Media Release Writing

    Today, we can send and receive information from all over the world instantly. The key to a successful business is communication. Media releases are the most cost effective way to communicate your news information to the masses. It is not only for the businesses that need media releases, but it’s also widely used by all sorts of news media houses. Journalists and news media professionals need quick and easy access to the latest information. There are thousands of media releases sent on news wires and news media houses daily. You need to craft your media releases in a certain way to stand out among the others.

    While preparing a media release, you need to write down the major...

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  • Local Press Releases

    Press releases that are sent to the news media according to their geographical location are called local press releases. The local press releases are mostly sent by small businesses in an effort to inform the masses about the latest happenings of the company. The writing format of the local press releases is the same as that of other press releases. The major difference is that it is targeted at a specific group of people. There are many ways for the distribution of local press releases. Most companies/businesses prefer to do the distribution themselves, while others prefer to use online press release distribution services. 

    Most local press releases are published or broadcasted through local newspapers, television stations and radio...

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  • IT Press Releases

    The world of information technology (IT) is growing rapidly. New advancements in hardware and software are happening every day all over the world. Technology professionals are in constant need to inform the masses about their latest achievements and the fastest way of doing this is through IT press releases. Most IT press releases are used as a publicity tool by the IT Companies.

    Online press releases are used for the dissemination of news information. The channels used by press release experts are search engines, blogs, news wires, social media networks and other news and IT related platforms. This not only helps in making the masses aware of the news information but also helps in generating traffic for the...

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  • How to do a News Release

    News releases are a major contributor to the information that is provided to us by the different news publishing and broadcasting houses. Almost all news releases that are sent by the companies are made for the purpose of publicity. For successful marketing you need to write a good press release and distribute it to your targeted audience. If you search the World Wide Web you will come across a lot of press release platforms that are offering news release distribution. These platforms also guide you and give tips about how to do a news release, from the writing to the distribution and follow up of the news release.

    The process of writing a news release is not that...

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  • Affordable Press Release

    Press releases are one of the most underused marketing tools. This is changing with the growing use of the World Wide Web. The internet is a medium that has connected the entire world. Press releases are gaining popularity as a marketing tool and ideal form of publicity. The publishing of press release on an online platform is like killing many birds with one stone. Online press releases have a long life span, they reach a larger target audience and the distribution is instant. Online press releases help shape public relations and enable you to build a good reputation for your company.

    There are lots of online PR platforms that offer a wide range of services but the problem...

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  • Press Release and Newswire

    The term news wire was originally used during the days of telegraph, which made it possible for newspapers to have access to news from all over the country. The advancement in science has made news easily accessible from all over the world but the term newswire is still being used for the service providers.

    Press releases and newswires go hand in hand. Companies and organizations write a press release and distribute it to the news media houses. Newswires act as a channel for the distribution of the press releases. The internet has many sites that offer press release and newswire distribution services. Some websites offer free press release and newswire distribution services, while other charge for these services....

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  • Press Release Agencies

    Press release agencies distribute your press releases to the media. They offer you services ranging from the writing of the press release to distribution and tracking of the press release. Thousands of press releases are published every day, which means that you need to have an edge over the others to attract attention to your press release. This extra advantage is provided by the press release agencies that distribute the press release for you.

    The main service offered by press release agencies is the distribution of the press release. There are many methods for the distribution of press releases and each one is targeted at different users. The first thing that press release agencies do for you is...

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  • PR Newswire for Journalists

    In today’s world information is power. It is the reporters and journalists that are responsible for gathering the information and providing us with the latest news. This is not an easy task as there are hundreds of things happening in every city and it becomes very hard to cover all the news events and then analyze what event is newsworthy and which is not. This is why most journalists rely on newswire services to receive the latest news. Different organizations, companies and public relations firms use a PR news wire to access the information.

    News wires have become the main platform for organizations, companies, PR firms, NGOs, and many others to distribute their information. Every day thousands of...

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  • Online Press Releases

    Online press releases are a growing phenomenon in the news industry. It is the cheapest and most effective way to inform the masses about the latest news about your business. Most people have just recently understood the power of online press releases. They not only help spread the news information but also help in building a good reputation and strong relations among the masses. The PR platforms that distribute online press releases are rapidly increasing. The online press releases are distributed through news wires, media databases, blogs, RSS feeds, social media networks, search engines and other news related websites. Online press releases have a greater value because they have a much longer life span.

    When writing online press...

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  • Online Press Release Distribution Services

    The World Wide Web is the best and fastest form of communication in today’s world. It has also become a major source of information for individuals and companies. If you want to find out about anything the first place to search is the internet. The fastest and most cost effective way to spread your information all over the world is through online press release distribution services.

    You can find many online press release distribution services that can help you spread the news information to your target audience. PR platforms that offer online press release distribution services use search engines, newswires, RSS feeds, media database, blogs and social media networks to achieve their target. Each one of these channels...

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  • Online News Release

    The term press release was originally used to describe any written news worthy information provided to the newspapers. With the development in technology the news agencies moved from newspapers to radio, television and now the internet. Keeping these changes in view the term press release was changed to news release, but both these terms are still interchangeable. Currently the fastest way of distribution of the news release is through the internet. When writing an online news release there are a few things that you need to remember. You need to make the online news release search engine friendly because at the moment the search engines are the fastest way of finding any information.

    Make sure you use keywords...

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  • How do I Issue a Press Release

    Writing a press release is a skill that can be acquired through a little bit of work. Press releases are an effective method for making people aware of the latest news. The oldest account of press releases being sent to newspapers dates back to 1880s. Over the years the role of press releases has changes a great deal, press releases were originally sent only form government. Later press releases are also used by other organizations and companies to inform the masses about the happenings of their organizations or company. Now days the distribution of press release has been made extremely easy through the internet. By signing up to an online press release platform you can easily send your press...

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  • Free Press Release Posting

    In today’s global market every business wants to get noticed and become a prominent name. The attention span of people is becoming shorter. You need to reinforce your brand name again and again so that it is embedded in the psyche of the customer. Most companies use advertising to achieve this aim. Advertisements have their advantages but the drawbacks are that they are too costly and the public understands most of these to be just marketing gimmicks. A better way of reinforcing the brand name in the minds of the customers is through press releases. A press release informs the customers about all the achievements of the company as well as happening and future plans of the organization.

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  • Company News Releases

    Initially, press releases were only directed at the newspapers; now with the advancements in technology the trend has changed. People now prefer to see the news on the television and on news websites. This change has given rise to the term news release as it covers all the news providing agencies.

    Company news releases sent by companies to different news providers.  It does not matter if you are a new company just entering the market or have been working for a long time - news releases are the need of the time. Any new activity that you are involved in can be presented in company news releases for the masses to get informed about you. There are numerous...

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  • Audio News Release

    A news release is sent to the news agencies with the purpose of distributing the information to the masses. An audio news release is the news information that is distributed to the news media in a voice only recorded format. Most audio press releases are targeted at the online and electronic media. Other than radio stations different news channels websites and blogs also use the audio news release as a source of information.

    A recent study showed that more people are inclined to view multimedia and audio releases as compared to written news releases. Most press releases are targeted at televisions and newspapers, but the radio a very popular medium of communication is largely ignored. Radio stations are...

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  • Press Release Example

    Some of the prime press release examples are product press releases, regular press releases, business press releases, quarterly earning press releases, email press releases and engagement press releases. No matter what press release example you chose to write, the basic information is going to be the same. The difference among these press release examples are the format or the placement of the information in the press release.  The basic information that you need to provide in any press release are the same i.e. head line, sub heading, body of the text, contact information.

    The headline should be eye catchy and interesting.   The body must always start with the name of the city and state/country, then comes the date....

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  • Multimedia news release

    The internet had revolutionized the news industry. A lot of people now prefer to use videos, pictures, and audio files to get their word out. A recently conducted survey shows that people are more inclined to share multimedia news release as compared to written press releases. The multimedia elements attract more viewers and readers tend to revisit the multimedia news release more often compared to traditional press releases.

    More and more PR platforms are offering the tools to upload a multimedia news release. Now with high speed streaming the multimedia news release is delivered across online publications, blogs and search engines. The news information has become completely compatible with social networks. The average time duration of a multimedia...

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  • Media release

    Media release is an umbrella term used for both press releases and multimedia news releases. A media release is usually written to share some important information with the news media.  First of all, you need to identify your target audience by considering factors such as the city they live in and their areas of specialization. A media release can be most easily distributed through the online PR platforms and newswire services.

    A media release can be about any topic - it could be about a new product launch, new album or song release or to publicize an opinion, issue or event. To get the attention of the readers you need to make the title of the news release...

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  • Media release distribution

    There are many online PR platforms that offer to distribute media releases. Before you decide on any of them you need to ask yourself a few questions: what channels will be used? How much will it cost? Will it reach the target audience? What benefits will it bring?  

    The first step for the successful distribution of a media release is writing it properly. The media release needs to be interesting and entertaining. Before you start writing a media release you should read a few articles that are published in the newspapers. Observe the writing style and then write your media release. A well written media release will give it better chances of being picked up by news...

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  • Free press release sites

    Press releases are the fastest and one of the most effective ways to distribute your information. The World Wide Web has given a new life to the press release through news wire services. The web has hundreds of paid and free press release sites, offering you press release distribution services. If you search the internet you will find many websites that offer you both free and paid services.

    Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational, the need for publicity is always there and free press release sites help you reach the target audience. The services offered by free press release sites guide you every step of the way in writing a press release, arranging the...

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  • Free newswire

    News wires are one of the major sources of information worldwide. News wire services became popular with the invention of the telegraph. The telegraph made it possible for news and information to travel great distances at high speeds.  Since that time the advancements in communication have increased rapidly, but the term newswire has stayed and became a part of the journalist lingo. Internet has made the process of transferring information extremely fast. Now almost every city, state and country has its own newswire. There are many media houses and PR platforms that host their own news wires.

    We can find hundreds of sites that offer free newswire services. Most of the free newswire services also allow you to...

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  • Free news release distribution

    In today’s growing market the key to a successful business is publicity. Publicity can be through advertising, ATL activities and BTL activities. The problem with most kinds of advertising is that it is very costly and does not have that great an impact in the global market. A much better and more effective way of publicity is through news releases. The news release can be about any event or activity conducted by your company. If you are worried about the cost of distribution of the news release then you can make a general search over the Internet and find many websites that offer both paid and free news release distribution.

    Free news release distribution sites offer you guidance...

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  • Financial news wire

    The finance industry is so well connected that an event in one part of the world can affect the global financial market. The people associated with the world of finance are always looking for channels to remain updated about the latest financial news. News received at the right time can translate into profitable trades and deals. There are many financial news wire services that provide up-to-date news information.

    The Stock Exchange Commission requires many public trade companies and other companies to disclose certain information. These companies are legally bound to release information regarding the firm to their investors and the media. The information can be beneficial or have adverse effects, either way the investor/ share holder has a...

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  • Business news wire

    Any event that happens anywhere in the world can have an impact on the business world. It is important to inform people about the latest happenings of your company or organization, which is why some news wires are dedicated to providing business related information. These business news wire services can be very helpful in sending the press release to the target audience in a specific location or even for distributing it to the entire world.

    Business news wire services enable news agencies to find interesting news stories. The experts can then speculate regarding the effects that information will have on the overall market. All public trade companies, investors and companies that are required to disclose information to investors...

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  • Business news release

    Whether you are starting a new business, looking for publicity, or want to get your brand recognized, the best way to achieve all this by crafting a compelling business news release. The world has become a global market and the competition faced is fierce. Seeing the demands of the global market, many press release platforms are dedicated to providing the world with the updated business information. Business news release services have become quite popular around the world. Some press releases that can have an effect on the global market are also added e.g. news related to terrorist activities, natural disasters, political events.

    When writing a business news release you need to focus on a few key points. Make...

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  • Business social network

    Social media networks are becoming increasingly popular across the globe among individuals and companies alike. Websites like Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and MySpace are widely used in almost all industries. Now PR platforms have also started to embrace characteristics of social media networks to provide better services to their customers. Such PR platforms are commonly referred to as business social networks.

    Any press release submitted to MyPRGenie, the first business social network and newswire, is simultaneously uploaded to the MyPRGenie social media page and the social media profiles of the customer. Business social networks even allow users to follow companies that publish press release, which means that they will be notified as soon as the company publishes a new...

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  • Global News Wire

    The term news wire emerged with the invention of the telegraph, which made it possible for newspapers to get and share news from all over the country at great speeds. In today’s world where the Internet has become very popular for sharing news, online news wires are widely used by newspapers, radio station, television networks and websites to gather news.

    The market has completely changed with globalization. Now most organizations are interested in sharing their news on global news wire platforms. A global news wire usually has editors and journalists that cover the stories for that particular company. A global news wire will gather stories, graphics and photographs and sent them to the different newspapers, or news stations.

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  • Media press release

    A media press release is a press release that is specifically targeted at social media websites. Through a social media press release you can target a specific community of people online. This gives you a chance to take full advantage of the online and social media tools. A social media press release includes social networking videos, images, audio, traditional videos and can even include hyperlinks to your website or links to related facts and figures. The main target audiences for media press release are bloggers and journalists. This is a great way to provide them with accurate facts and quotes. The material that is provided through social media press release can be examined in more detail and then presented...

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  • Newswire Distribution

    If you are planning to use press releases for the online publicity of your organization, you might want to look into the newswire distribution offered by PR platforms.  Newswire distribution for your press release can help you reach a large number or targeted audiences. The newswire distribution is not only used by companies and organizations, but journalists also rely on them heavily. Many reporters subscribe to newswire distribution services to get access to the latest news and stay updated.  If you don’t have your own media list then the best option for distribution of your press release is a newswire.

    You can find many newswire distribution services online. The most popular is PR Newswire and is considered as...

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  • Newswire release

    In this age of communication, newswire platforms occupy a very important spot. The methods of spreading information are increasing dramatically and include television channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and online publications. All of these news media platforms do not have a reporter or correspondent in every part of the world. Most of them get the latest news by looking for a newswire release that suits their needs. Almost every big media house has its own newswire. Newswire release is press release that is posted on various newswires for immediate exposure. When writing a newswire release you need to make sure that the writing style is best suited for the target audience. The press release needs to be according to...

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  • Newswire services

    Since the dawn of time humans have had an unquenchable curiosity to find out what is happening around them. As technology advanced, information was distributed through books, newspapers, telegraph, radio, television and now the internet. By searching the internet we can find out the latest news from all over the world. In the current day and age the most widely used source of news information are newswires. Newswire services are used by journalists, bloggers, news media, investors, companies, organizations, etc. Many organizations use newswire services for the distribution of their press release and getting the latest news/ updates.

    Most newswire services are aimed to give the complete corporate information to investors, websites, databases and other media. Newswire services...

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  • NFL News Wire

    National football league (NFL) is one of the most popular sports in the US. Both fans and sports broadcasting agencies religiously follow the latest happenings in the world of NFL. Keeping this in mind the NFL sends many press releases to different NFL news wire services and sports news wires. This enables fans and the sports channels to stay abreast with the latest NFL events. It may be news about a new team or a player who has being introduced.

    Any news regarding these sporting events can be found on NFL news wire services. There are many NFL news wire services, some of which are associated with television channels like ESPN, CBS and so on. Other NFL news...

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  • PR News Wire

    A PR news wire usually includes many categories such as business, music, entertainment, technology, etc. You can find a number of PR news wire services on the web. The websites that provide PR news wire services are often associated with search engines, news channels, or independent PR platforms. One of the most widely used PR news wire service is PRNewsWire. However, you have to pay a certain fee to publish your news/press release on this platform. You can also explore some of the other PR news wire platforms that offer similar services.

    The function of a PR news wire service is to get the complete and accurate information about the company to the target audience. PR news wire...

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  • Press Release Distribution Reviews

    A press release is recorded or written information that is sent to news media to be disseminated to a specific group or the general masses. The distribution process can vary depending on the target audience ranging from local to international. There are many PR platforms and newswires that offer you this service. Before you chose any of them you need to read press release distribution reviews about that PR platform. Only after doing a thorough background check should you go ahead and select a PR platform that best suits your needs.

    The features you need to check when going through the press release distribution reviews are credibility, media database, Search engine optimization, the channels through which press releases...

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  • US News Wire

    News wires have emerged as a major source of information across the world. The Internet has made news wires a global phenomenon. Newspapers, news channels and other news agencies are in need of the latest news and rely heavily on the news wire services. When a press release is distributed online through PR platforms, it is sent to a news wire of that city, state. US news wire services are linked to all the news media organizations from the United States. The press release that is sent to MyPRGenie will automatically be sent to the different news wires of that city and the state. This way you can be sure that the release will reach the target audience of...

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  • How to Write Web Based Press Releases?

    Press releases are commonly used by many companies for the distribution of information to the news media. Radio, television, news editors and newspaper reporters all depend on the news information they receive from press releases. In the past few years the internet has made access to latest information very easy. A recent study showed that 98% journalists visit the web daily to check mail, do research, find press releases, find new stories and visit blogs. Web based press releases have broadened the horizon for both companies and news agencies. With all these advantages a few changes have been made in the press release format.  Here are a few tips on how to write web based press releases.

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  • How to Write a Press Release for the Theatre?

    Even though the trend of going to the theater has somewhat become less popular, millions of people still enjoy live performances across the globe. However, theatres need to publicize their events effectively to attract the right sort of audiences. A well written press release will not only ensure a full house but will also help media coverage and publicity. Here are a few tips on ‘how to write a press release for the theatre’ that will help you promote your theatrical performances.

    Before you start writing the press release you should make a rough draft of the release. Make an outline of the essential information you want to enter in the release. Keep the writing of...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a TV Station?

    News agencies (radio, television, newspapers and websites) are always in search of news stories. The news channels are growing dramatically across the globe. One of the major sources of news stories for all of them is press releases. Every news channel receives hundreds of press releases daily. All releases are important but with so many releases it becomes difficult to manage all of them and thus many press releases don’t get any attention. Here are a few guidelines on how to write a press release for a TV station.

    Send the press release when you want it to be broadcasted. Press releases sent in advance are usually forgotten in the flow of information taking place in the...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a Relocated Business?

    If you have relocated your business it is important to inform the public about it and there is no better way to do so than through a press release. But what is so interesting about your relocation and why would people want to read about it. When writing a press release you need to put in an angle to encourage the readers to read your press release.

    The headline needs to be intriguing for the readers to make them read the release. Remember not to make the headline to long, it needs to be small and have a great deal of punch. After the head line write two or three line sub heading.  The subheading will...

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  • How to Write a Performing Arts Press Release?

    The term performing arts first emerged in the English language in 1711. Performing arts represent all forms of art in which the artist uses his own face, presence and body as a medium. Music, dance, magic, spoken word, opera, musicals, drama and circus arts are all encompassed by performing arts. Press release is an effective way to inform the masses about any performing arts genre, whether it’s theater, music, dance or festival. A well-written press release will not only inform the audience about the performance but also encourage the audience to attend it. When you are contemplating about how to write a performing arts press release, the following tips can prove to be useful.

    Start the press release...

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  • How to Write a Fashion Press Release?

    Any press release related to fashion, garment or textile designing is known as a fashion press release. In today’s world of fashion, self-promotion is vital for connecting your fashion house or company with the news media. Press releases are much more effective than advertisements as they reach a greater target audience and give more relevant information. Press releases not only help in building good reputation but also increase sales through favorable publicity. Even though the elements of the press release are simple and straightforward, you will need to follow a set format to win the attention of newspaper reporters and magazine writers. Here are a few tips that can help you write a fashion press release.

    Before you...

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  • How to Write a Crisis Communication Press Release?

    When a catastrophe (manmade or natural) befalls your business try not to panic and put all your efforts towards damage control. In crisis situations if you don’t work with a calm mind you might destroy the reputation of your organization. The quickest way to disperse information in such times is through a press release. It may be addressed to a target audience (investors, employees, share holders, business community) or the general public. No matter who the audience is, you need to get your message out there. Here is a guide on ‘how to write a crisis communication press release’ that may help you through a difficult time.

    Before you start writing the press release you need to bear...

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  • How to Submit a Press Release to Google?

    Online press releases are the best way to get free publicity. When you search the web you will find many PR platforms that can help you in the press release distribution. These sites offer many different services both paid and free. If you want to submit a press release directly to Google so that it appears on Google News, you will have to become a Google news provider. All you need to do is submit an online form that contains your contact information, URL and nature of the press release. Even if your press release meets all the requirements there is no surety it will definitely be published, remember that Google reserves the right to include or discard any...

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  • How to Optimize a Press Release for Search Engine Traffic?

    The fastest way of getting free publicity online is through press releases. But it’s not as simple as writinga good press release and uploading it. By using strategic relevant keywords, you will be able to optimizethe press release for search engines. An optimized press release will get better search engine exposure,a high ranking position, a longer life and generate more traffic for your website.

    To optimize the press release for search engine traffic you need to make an impact from the first line.Your title for the press release should attract the readers towards it. The first impression counts themost; use it to attract the readers. Keep the title short and crisp. Use key words in the title to...

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  • Media database

    To make your press release most effective you not only need to know people in the right places you also need to know how to get their interest. For this reason you need to write a good press release. If you are using your own media contacts, then make sure the list stays updated. Most of the time journalists keep switching from one newspaper to the other. So always make sure that you have the contact of the current journalist in that specific news media. You don’t need to worry about this issue with PR platforms as it’s their job to keep the media database...

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  • Submit Press Release

    Online press releases are being used by a lot of organizations. MyPRGenie offers you various options ofpublishing press releases and shoutouts. You can use press releases to target media professionals andjournalists and shoutouts for making short announcements and headlines, more like an online banner.The feature to upload photos and videos and get top search engine results is also available. MyPRGeniestrives to make the ‘submit press release button’ really simple.

    Be wary of press release distribution scams and do some research before hitting the ‘submit pressrelease’ button on a website. Registering, wasting time filling loads of fields and then realizing youhave to pay a large sum of money can be really cumbersome. MyPRGenie provides you with easy accesssolutions with...

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  • Search Press Releases

    In today’s global market with high competition in all industries, everyone is trying to make a name forthemselves. Whether you are a business owner, a journalist, an analyst, the most commonly used andeasily accessible tool that can be used is the internet. A study has shown that 98% of the journalists visitthe internet on daily basis. They go online to check emails, search press releases, research articles andvisit forums and blogs. There are many different ways to search for press releases on the web.

    Search engines

    A quick way to search press releases is through the search engines. There are many search engines likeGoogle, yahoo, Bing, etc. All that needs to be done is write the keywords...

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  • Music Press Release Tips

    A music press release can be about any newsworthy information about an artist, album or performance.It could also be regarding a live concert, new CD release or a major gig. Do your homework before youwrite a PR. See what types of news are circulating in the news media, which will give you an idea as towhat you need to write in the press release. Here are a few music press release tips that will help you inwriting your press releases.

    The Headline and the first paragraph are most important in the press release. The headline attractsthe readers towards the press release and the first paragraph hooks the readers onto the news. It isrecommended that you use an angle...

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  • How to Write Press Releases for SEO?

    Press releases are one of the most effective tools for online publicity. Organizations frequently usepress releases to distribute their news to the masses. Online press releases have a longer life span, andthus increase online visibility. The information that is being distributed through a press release needsto be news worthy. Well written press releases not only helps in informing the masses about the latesthappenings of the company, but they also help in building a good reputation for the company. It is notenough to just write a good copy. You will also need to remember a few tips to make the press releasemore SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. Search Engine Optimization involves techniques thathelp your page, website, advertisement or press release...

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  • How to Write an Artist Press Release?

    In the world of arts, one of the most common PR tools used is a press release. If you are a musician,actor, painter, or belong to some other field of art, you need to inform and update people about youractivities. A written communication that provides news worthy information to the news media is calledpress release. They offer an ideal way to get publicity for any event or achievement. Thus the skill ofwriting a good press release is very valuable.

    Many companies do reasearch on how to write an artist press release. First see what the release is allabout: Is the artist having an exhibition? Has the musician released a new single/ album? Is there goingto be a musical...

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  • How to Write a Social Media Press Release?

    How to Write a Social Media Press Release

    Press releases are written to communicate the happenings of an organization or company to the media.In the current day and age the internet has become the fastest way of communication. The distributionof press release has also changed rapidly. Now the traditional snail mail has almost completely beenreplaced by e-mail and online distributions. Online PR platforms have started online press releasedistribution to help circulate the press release among the masses. Even though the standard format of apress release is useful for PR platforms, it does not make a great impact on social media networks. Hereare a few guidelines about how to write a social media press release (SMPR).

    A social...

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  • How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your Business?

    The best method for the promotion of any business is advertising. One of the most inexpensive and effective forms of advertising is through a press release. Many businesses send articles and letters to the news media for the promotion of their business, which can do some good but are not as effective as a press releases. Many businesses don’t use this wonderful tool for their advertising purposes, a major reason for which is the inability to write a good press release. Keeping this in view we would like to give you a few tips on how to write a press release to promote your business. Press releases can be written for publication in newspapers, magazines and online publications.

    The first thing that...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a New Client?

    Companies and organizations use press releases for sending information to the news media. Freepublicity always helps and a press release can prove to the ideal tool for sharing information. Writing apress release is a skill that can easily be mastered and will be valuable to your portfolio. When we thinkabout how to write a press release for a new client, we usually consider a number of factors such asit’s target audience and purpose. By following these guidelines you will be able to write a great pressrelease for your client.

    At the start of the press release be sure to write the date of publishing. If you want it to be publishedright away then state “For immediate release”. Then...

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  • How to Get a Press Release Noticed?

    One of the most widely used tools for the dissemination of information to news media is a press release. People consider news media as a credible source of information, which is why many companies and organizations use press releases as a tool to get free publicity. Journalists receive numerous press releases daily. It is important to make sure your press release makes an impact so that it gets published. You will need to follow a few guidelines to make sure your press release gets noticed.

    Make sure that the headline is interesting and attractive. Your headline needs to be inviting and intriguing as it is the first thing that any one reads. The headline should be the crux of the article....

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  • Business Press Releases

    The main function of the business press releases is that it makes the masses aware of any new event,achievement or happening in the organization. Everyone these days wants to get the latest newsas soon as it happens. Online business press releases can help companies in many ways, includingpromotion of the website, builds a good reputation for the business, generates traffic for the businesswebsite and helps get a better ranking from search engines. Business press releases not only help thebusinesses but they are also beneficial for journalists and analysts.

    When writing business press releases you should always keep in mind that the information you wantto communicate should be newsworthy. The characters that make news are the five ‘W’s and...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for an Event?

    An online press release has become a popular way to boost publicity. Information about events like new products or services launched by a company, new additions or goal of attaining higher profit levels which can be shared through a press release. Another instant which requires a press release is mainly when one needs to promote for an upcoming event.

    However, a lot of media representatives often inquire about howand what to write in a press release for an event.The nature of the event gives you more insight on how to write a press release. You have to keep in your mind that it’s not at all an invitation card but actually it encompasses lot of issues associated with...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a Nonprofit Organization?

    Publishing a press release is a good way to publicize your nonprofit organization. It can help increase thepublic’s knowledge about your organization. You need to understand how to write a press release for anonprofit organization and the different elements involved in press release.

    The press release will start with “For Immediate Release” if you need to send the release right away ormention the date of the release if it’s for a later date. Then you will give your contact information (nameof contact person, contact number and e-mail) so that the journalists can get back to you for any query.

    Now comes the single most important line of the entire press release. This is the headline. The Headlineshould...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a New Product?

    A press release is one of the easiest and most effective tools to make the masses aware of your new product. The main objective of a press release is to create public awareness, get brand recognition and influence the target market to buy the product. Writing a press release is an art, and there are a few points you will need to follow when contemplating how to write a press release for a new product.

    Whenever you start a press release you will state ‘for immediate release’ or the date you want the press release to be published. After this you will mention your contact information. Contact information will be: contact person’s name, contact number, fax number,...

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  • How to Write a Press Release for a Book?

    Publicity is the key to all successful ventures. If no one knows about your book then no one will read it. A press release is one of the best ways to generate spotlight for your book. However, a badly written press release defeats the purpose. A well written press release, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to make an impact on the readers to convince them to read the book. Here are some tips for writing a press release for a book:

    When writing the press release you need to start with the contact information. Make sure you mention the publisher's name and the snail mail address along with other contact information. This will...

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  • How to Use a Press Release for Online Marketing?

    The secret of successful marketing is publicity - for businesses, no publicity is bad publicity. Online press releases are one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the reputation of your business. Online press releases not only help in getting your product maximum exposure, they also have a great impact your website's ranking in search engines. Following are some tips on how to use a press release for online marketing. These tips will not only help increase sales but also enhance the visibility of your company or product.

    While writing a press release, the headline is probably the most important thing that you need to focus on. The headline needs to be interesting and eye...

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  • How to Understand the Key Elements of a Press Release?

    For companies and businesses, the basic function of a press release is to inform the general public through mass media about the latest happenings at the organization. A press release can be distributed both online and offline. There are many benefits to pusblishing press releses regularly, and it’s important for businesses to try to understand the key elements of a press release in order to use it more effectively.

    Press releases are created to do a job, and so long as the goal of the press release is accomplished, its format or even the basic elements probably don't matter too much. However, over the years, a standardized pattern has developed for creating press releases. While it's not set...

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  • How to Select a Press Release Service?

    In today's global marketplace the impact of a press release can be massive. When it comes to getting spotlight for a company, brand or a product, a press release is one of the quickest and the most effective ways to get noticed and make people aware of what is happening in your organization. However, with so many online PR platforms, it is important to select the one that best suits your needs. The answer to the question of how to select a press release service that will be the most cost-effective for your company or brand depends on your target audience, the nature of your brand and which media contacts you want to send the press release to.

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  • How to Make a Press Release Packet?

    A press release packet can be very useful when promoting a product or a service and is used by a vast majority of companies, organizations and businesses. Press release packets can be used to offer information to customers, media outlets, clients as well as investors. You need to give a lot of thought to what should be included in the press release packet so that it will help you get visibility for your company or brand.

    For people looking to create and distribute a press release packet that will create public awareness for their products and help them promote their company, here are some ideas:

    The first step is to identify the target audience for the press...

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  • How to Create a Press Release for a Convention?

    Publishing a press release is a great way to let people know about the convention you are organizing. The advantage that you will have through press releases is that you can start distributing information about the convention months in advance.

    Here are some tips for people looking to create and distribute a press release for their convention:

    The title line of the press release should convey the theme of the convention. The heading should be interesting and eye catching. Headline is the first thing anyone reads so it won’t be wrong to say that it’s the most important line of the press release. 

    The first paragraph of the press release should give...

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  • Web Press Release

    A press release is a recorded or written announcement directed at members of news media and is distributed to print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. When we talk about web press releases it means that the release is distributed over the Internet via e-mail or published on blogs, newswires, social networking sites and search engines etc. The advantage of a web press release is that it can be accessed by anyone using the Internet. Online press release has a longer lifespan than a traditional press release because the content you create stays on websites and blogs etc. Here are some of the important points that you need to keep in mind while writing and distributing a web press release:

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  • Press Release Online

    Whether you're looking to publicize your business online, or need to connect with journalists as well as your customers, a press release online is one of the best ways to generate spotlight for companies, businesses and organizations. While a traditional press release still works, and is something that companies rely on whenever they have something newsworthy to report to the journalists and media outlets, issuing a press release online is also being recognized as a great way to reach target audiences on the worldwide web. 

    It is hardly possible to overstate the importance of the Internet in today's world. Almost everyone today, no matter what country they live in, uses the Internet on a more or...

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  • Press Release Services

    A press release is written or recorded content targeted at news media, containing some newsworthy information. The purpose of a press release is to try to get the spotlight from the media outlets for something that a company, organization or an individual cares about. Press release services encompass almost everything related to press releases, ranging from the writing of press releases to their distribution. There are quite a few PR platforms on the web that offer press release services. Following are some of the services that a good press release service usually offers:

    Writing the Press Release

    The most important thing while writing the press release is to make sure that the information you want to circulate...

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  • Press Release Software

    In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies and businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity to engage their users and reach out to potential customers. A press release is one of the best ways of achieving this goal. You can find an array of online press release software that can be helpful for companies in almost anything related to press releases. Press release software helps you to create your own press releases and distribute them to the media outlets as well as the people at large. You can also find press release software that can help you find the latest press releases on the web regarding your area of interest.

    Here are some of the...

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  • Press Release Template

    In today's global market, a press release is one of the best marketing tools available to companies and businesses. Press releases now are usually created following a standardized format. Even a very well written copy sometimes can't have the desired effect if it does not follow the right format. If there are any of the basic elements of the press release missing from the template, the journalists, bloggers and media outlets can find it hard to get all the information they need to write a news story based on that press release. This, of course,...

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