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About MyPRGenie:

MyPRGenie is the next generation cloud-based, public relations (PR) and social media marketing platform. It was launched in 2007 to provide a more effective, efficient tool for businesses to publicize themselves.

MyPRGenie combines a global media database and press release distribution service as well as social media apps and tools - like Tweet Genie and Genie Monitoring - into one easy-to-use public relations platform.

Since its inception, thousands of companies across the globe have used MyPRGenie to build a comprehensive, multifaceted PR strategy that significantly increases their visibility, helps them monitor and engage their audience to get found.

MyPRGenie has been named a Top 100 OnDemand Software Company, a Top 100 Mid-Atlantic Private Company, and a Top 100 OnMedia Company.

Why Should I Use MyPRGenie?

MyPRGenie allows you to publicize and market your business by tapping into our media database with contact information for more than 500,000 journalists, bloggers, and content creators.

You will be able to connect to your target audience, build your presence online, find new story opportunities, build relationships with key influencers, and tell the world what makes you and your company great.

When Was MyPRGenie Founded?

MyPRGenie, which combines a media database, press release distribution service, and social media apps and tools, to create the ultimate, easy-to-use public relations platform, was launched in 2007.

The team's goal was to provide a more effective, efficient tool for businesses to publicize themselves. Since then, thousands of companies worldwide have used MyPRGenie.

Who Makes Up the MyPRGenie Team?

MyPRGenie founder and CEO Miranda Tan is a PR, marketing, and tech veteran with more than 12 years experience. Previously, she founded and ran ExcitePR and Excite Media Group.

By creating the MyPRGenie public relations platform, she was able to combine her passion for public relations strategy as well as her extensive media directory to give MyPRGenie users an effective, efficient way to distribute press releases and information to their target audiences.

Gary Edberg, MyPRGenie's co-founder and product manager, is a tech veteran with more than 20 years experience in digital media. Co-founder and advisor Hassan Miah has managed digital media investments at Intel Capital, was the head of digital media at CAA, and a partner at KPMG.

How Does MyPRGenie Work?

The first step to join MyPRGenie is to create your newsroom. The profile allows you to 'pitch your news' and quickly tell the world what makes your company great. The profile helps you showcase your company to the MyPRGenie network and increase placement in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results.

Once you've created your profile, you'll grow your network by inviting people you already know to join you on MyPRGenie. You'll also make connections with key influencers and reporters in the MyPRGenie Media Database, which includes more than 500,000 worldwide media contacts.

After you've established your network, begin marketing your business and build your presence by adding relevant content to your profiles such as press releases, newsletters, white papers, photos, videos, and more. Sharing your content with your network and key influencers, such as reporters, bloggers, and editors, is a great way to enhance your PR and increase your exposure to the world. Now, anyone searching for you on the Internet will be able to find your newsroom online, access your news and announcements, contact you, and join your network.

What is Facebook Genie?

Facebook Genie is one of two social media apps developed by MyPRGenie. Using the Facebook Genie app, which debuted in 2011, those who want to publicize their companies on Facebook, can share their news on their Facebook timeline and share their news with everyone in their network.

What is Tweet Genie?

Tweet Genie is one of two social media apps developed by MyPRGenie. Using the Tweet Genie app, which debuted in 2011, those who want to publicize their companies on Twitter, can learn the skills necessary to tweet like a pro, manage tweets efficiently, search and target followers, and get millions to hear them on Twitter.

How Can I Work With MyPRGenie?

MyPRGenie offers a variety of packages to fulfill each client's needs. In addition to the free platform, which includes automatic search engine optimization (SEO) and unlimited release distribution, we also offer several advance packages.

Basic Package: MyPRGenie's basic package includes automatic SEO and unlimited release distribution. You'll also receive access to our SEO online newsroom. You'll be able to upload unlimited press releases with attached photos, videos, and other documents. In addition, you will be able to import and distribute your press release to personal media lists as well as post to your personal Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Pro Package: MyPRGenie's pro package includes the basic offerings, lets you create additional newsrooms and gives you access to MyPRGenie's social media apps.

Premium Package: MyPRGenie's premium package includes the pro package offerings, and allows you to export media contacts and access and distribution to growing global databases of media contacts.

Are We Hiring?

MyPRGenie is constantly looking to work with smart, talented people whether you're a public relations, social media, or sales expert. Contact us at

Need More Information?

Whether you're looking for more information to incorporate MyPRGenie into your business or are interested in other ways to work with our team, contact us If you're a reporter on deadline, please mark the email as urgent, and we'll get right back to you.

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